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Cor360 Purchase Order
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Streamline and automate purchase orders, with your suppliers, in real time

Our purchase order software removes the back and forth emails with your suppliers by making it easy for you to send POs and for suppliers to not only acknowledge them, but instantly turn them into accurate invoices.


Convert to electronic invoicing and save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year

You can realize significant savings by removing paper from your process, but sometimes the problem isn’t just paper. Manual processing and the time it takes compounds the problem. When you raise electronic POs in your ERP, your supplier must have a way to receive them. If your buyers have to extract the PO from your ERP and send it to your supplier via email, or your supplier still emails your invoice, you’ve removed paper but not manual processes.    

Our e-invoicing solutions let you maximize the benefits of your ERP and paperless processes – while providing suppliers an easy-to-use process for transmitting accurate, electronic invoices. Cor360 Purchase Order means truly electronic purchase orders can be sent to 100% of your suppliers, acknowledged, and converted to an accurate electronic invoice in real-time.

How it works

Cor360 Purchase Order is an electronic ordering and invoicing solution that integrates directly with your ERP so that you can send electronic purchase orders to all your suppliers.  Your suppliers are provided with an online supplier portal to access your purchase orders, send electronic order acknowledgements, and convert purchase orders into accurate invoices.  


So what are the benefits?


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