Electronic Payments

Cut the cost of paying your suppliers.

It takes time to process checks, chase down payments, reconcile invoices, and manage vendor enrollment.

We can show you how our end-to-end payables automation solution does it all for you. You simply become more efficient, recouping the time, tools, and money you need to connect with your customers and grow your business.

How it works

Our end-to-end accounts payables solution is different from merely automating your payments. We go the last mile by bundling automated invoicing with our automated payments service to achieve process efficiency, cash flow visibility, and better working capital management. This is truly end-to-end payables optimization.

electronic payments

Payments become more efficient. You become more strategic

Manage 100% of your payments – checks, ACH, wire, or cards – with our integrated payment service so you can cut costs and secure against fraud while getting rid of the tedious task of writing checks.

You’ll have support for your entire AP workflow from order acknowledgement to paying your supplier – with less paper, less chasing, and less cost.

Let’s get you started with a free spend analysis of your accounts payable function.

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The benefits

Most e-payment solutions simply execute payments. This single solution strategically increases your e-payment penetration rates on an ongoing basis by:

  • Eliminating the cost of manual check runs
  • Reducing inefficiency and administrative burden
  • Supporting scalability without adding headcount
  • Easing supplier friction
  • Maximizing early pay offers
  • More easily detecting/thwarting fraud

Your B2B commerce will accelerate from the ground up, converting accounts payable from a cost center to a revenue-generating function that becomes a strategic partner. And you’ll do it all with no disruption to your current business processes.And you’ll do it all with no disruption to your current business processes.

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