Transform AP with best-in-class software, funded by payments, and enabled through Corcentric's value assurance services.

At Corcentric, we’re reshaping the landscape of AP automation solutions. Current options are riddled with DIY point solutions, leading to frustration and failure. We understand that 50%1 of digitization initiatives fall short, and 97%2 of leaders believe their teams lack the skills to maximize digital capabilities.

Corcentric is on a mission to change that by reimagining AP automation. Our fully managed AP offering — funded by the dollars you save with our Payments solution — transforms your AP process, ensuring guaranteed ROI with little or no cost to you.

1 Gartner.2 Deloitte.


Achieve touchless, straight-through processing for up to


of invoices, reducing manual tasks so your team can focus on exceptions


Speed up invoice processing
by up to


ensuring on-time payments and early pay discounts


Integrate with your systems and gain


visibility from invoice receipt to payment, for accuracy and continuous improvement

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AP workflow technology

Say goodbye to paper and manual processes from day one. Corcentric’s AP software:

  • Digitizes your invoices with 99.9% accuracy
  • Enables straight-through processing to eliminate touchpoints from your AP staff
  • Automates workflow for streamlined exception management

Our technology provides visibility and efficiencies throughout the entire process, so you have the confidence to plan and grow your business at scale.

Payments execution

Monetize the last mile of your accounts payable with Corcentric Payments. While many AP solutions stop at “OK to Pay”, Corcentric completes the cycle with best-in-class payment capabilities — consolidating thousands of transactions into a single payment file, executing payments to your suppliers via electronic and revenue generating payment methods, eliminating checks, and generating rebates back to your organization.

Value assurance services

At Corcentric, we believe “go-live” is not a business outcome. That’s why we extend our partnership far beyond deployment. We enable your success with a host of services to maximize your results, including: system administration, business process optimization, continuous supplier enrollment, our proprietary StopFraudTM validation process, as well as payments program branding and marketing. Our value assurance team works to ensure adoption, utilization, ROI attainment, and continuous improvement as your business evolves.

Aligning cost with value

Instead of a fixed upfront investment and additional subscription fees, we offer a variable cost model that scales with the ROI you receive. Through our proprietary payments network and technology, we can deploy your AP and Payments solution with minimal upfront costs. This guarantees a return on your investment, and in many cases, can convert AP to a profit center where shared rebates exceed the cost of the solution. When was the last time an AP solution provider sent YOU a payment every month?

Low cost, no cost, or we pay you: contact us for your complimentary analysis today.

Our AP solutions can be deployed at a minimal cost to your organization, and depending on your profile, can result in Corcentric paying you for your AP. By providing us with 12 months of AP data and answering a few simple questions, we can determine which pricing tier you qualify for with a free analysis.

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