Manufacturers and your dealer/distributor network

Reduce the friction and pain between the dealer/distributor network and your customers.

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Electronic Invoice Presentment 
and Payment

Improve efficiency and massive savings across your invoicing and payments processes.

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Group Purchasing Organizations

Drive more value for your GPO members by simplifying their transactions.

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Manufacturers and your dealer/distributor network

Many manufacturers selling through a dealer or distributor network face challenges, including:

  • Difficulty enforcing standardized pricing for large accounts
  • Confusion around receivables, slow payment processes, and strained cash flow
  • Erosion of customer satisfaction due to complicated billing processes

Complexity impedes sales. Reducing that complexity leads to benefits for you, your network, and your customers.

  • Stronger business for network sellers
  • Consistent pricing
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Sales intelligence insight

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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

Often, GPOs face challenges in managing member transactions such as:

  • Limited visibility into purchasing activities
  • Bearing undue credit risk from smaller members which can impede sales
  • Slowing sales channel due to billing burdens created by member growth

Managing these challenges by simplifying complexity results in member satisfaction and valuable insight for you.

  • Real-time visibility into member purchasing patterns
  • Growth in membership base with less administrative burden

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How It Works
We streamline your accounts receivable processes by automating each step from PO receipt to payment reconciliation, ensuring accurate billing with minimal IT and personnel involvement.

Our solution electronically connects sellers and their buyers within a custom private-label, cloud-based network portal that provides:

Further simplify and enhance accounts receivable automation with these additional financial services

Credit Issuance + Management

Corcentric takes on the responsibility of assessing, issuing, and managing purchasing credit for your network’s buyers.

We specialize in providing buyers with solutions to obtain the purchasing credit they need even if the supplier itself would not extend credit directly. By granting more customers the credit they need, suppliers and their networks can focus on growing sales without worrying about buyer credit approval.

Payment Management

At Corcentric, we recognize that business growth depends, to a great extent, on confidence in cash flow. Corcentric supports supplier cash flow by guaranteeing payments are received from buyers in full and on-time. Suppliers can achieve even greater cash flow control by taking advantage of Corcentric’s supply chain financing to receive even earlier payment on invoices — often as soon as an invoice has been accepted by a buyer. Corcentric also increases cash flow flexibility for buyers by granting extended payment options for supplier invoices.

Collections Management

Chasing payments is a task that suppliers and their dealers and distributors no longer need to undertake. Corcentric fully administers the payment collections process with buyers while guaranteeing on-time payment of invoices. Suppliers and their dealer/distributor networks receive full payment regardless of invoice dispute status or the status of Corcentric’s receipt of payment from the buyer. By administering the collections process, we remove all receivables risk for sellers and liberate time for AR staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Invoice Dispute Management

If not managed properly, invoice disputes can adversely affect the buyer-seller relationship. With just one click, buyers can dispute invoices and our team of resolution experts will assume responsibility for receiving and managing any invoice discrepancies, allowing you to focus on the importance of building stronger, long-term strategic relationships with your customers.

Business Intelligence

By moving transaction activities to a cloud-based platform, B2B trading partner networks can tap into powerful insights hidden within purchasing data, i.e. which customers provide the greatest lifetime value and which require greater attention. Corcentric’s analytics platform works on your centralized data to offer full visibility into purchasing and payment behavior. Using predictive analytics, you can more accurately forecast customer demand based on actual purchasing history and strategically scale resources to grow your business.


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