Document Management Security: The Safety of Electronic Document Distribution


Document management controls the way in which electronic documents are stored and distributed to you. Electronic document distribution is an important element for a company if they are to be taken seriously in the business world. However, using computers to send sensitive documents exposes them to a new category of security hazards, which document management and data protection measures must be used to avoid.

Security Issues with Electronic Document Distribution

Electronic document distribution is used to send customers their invoices, statements and related dunning letters. As these documents surround monetary issues, they can all be said to contain sensitive information. Electronic document distribution sends these documents using e-mail. If this task is not conducted in a secure manner, using a reputable document management system, the result can be devastating. The internet exposes documents to the rest of the world, and the most sophisticated levels of hacking. For this reason, electronic document distribution must be a heavily guarded process using firewalls and anti-virus software.

How can Document Management help to overcome Security Issues?

Document management increases levels of security in electronic document distribution by never actually sending a document directly to a customer in an e-mail. Electronic document distribution merely alerts a customer to the presence of their invoice, statement or dunning letter, then asks them to answer security questions in order to gain access.

On a smaller scale, document management can be handled securely by storing documents on a password guarded computer, in an office with restricted access. Personnel who have access to the document management system, and customer invoices, statements and dunning letters, should be vetted (CRB checked) and forced to sign data protection agreements.

If well protected, document management and electronic document distribution systems are actually more secure than sending invoices and dunning letters by post. Electronic document distribution sends statements directly to customer e-mail accounts, meaning they are not transported by individuals who have not been vetted, as with the post office. E-mail invoice sending offers the sender a delivery report, which tells the document management system if the invoice has made it to the customer inbox successfully. Postal items can easily be lost or stolen without the sender notification.

For more insight into considerations and questions to ask when implementing electronic document distribution for invoices, take a look at our guide to creating a business case for e-invoicing.

Outside Advice on Document Management and Security

As document management and security in electronic document distribution are such important issues for a company, it is essential that outside advice is sought on the matter.

At Corcentric, we have over 15 years of experience in delivering secure document distribution solutions and are happy to advise on security considerations for your electronic document distribution. Why not set up a quick discovery call with one of our experts today.