Can Outsourced Document Distribution Keep the Postal Service Alive?


Outsourced document distribution is becoming ever trendy among businesses who are struggling with their mass mailing needs.

The idea of outsourced document distribution may seem expensive, but can actually provide a cheaper method of distributing customer invoices or statements. Alternatively, a simple business invoicing software package can be used to send invoices to a smaller client base.

Simple business invoicing and the post office

The main threat of simple business invoicing for the post office is that it is a system whose focus is electronic document distribution. A simple business invoicing system can be adapted to incorporate postal methods; however, a company using a simple business invoicing system will undoubtedly prefer not to do this.

How is outsourced document distribution coming to the rescue?

Outsourced document distribution employs an outside specialist company to cover all document distribution needs for a company. This means using postal and electronic invoicing processes is just as simple for a company as they will not be affected by this diversity. Outsourced document distribution may therefore discourage a company from a decision to cease postal invoicing methods.

Simple business invoicing and outsourced document distribution

The first thing which should be noted is that in outsourced document distribution the outsourced company will also be employing a simple business invoicing system. The difference between this and one a non-specialist company may use is the sophistication of the system. Outsourced document distribution uses companies like Corcentric, who have spent a considerable amount of time developing and advancing their simple business invoicing system.

A company who is pioneering a simple business invoicing system must feel that they have a manageable number or clients, and will be well suited to internal document management. As this company grows, outsourced document distribution may become a more appropriate option. The experience they have developed using a simple business invoicing system will be extremely useful to them in the business world and also in answering customer queries.

The future of the post office

Outsourced document distribution certainly does not mean the end to the postal service, and neither does simple business invoicing. These are still a great many documents which must be sent to a customer via post, such as certificates or forms which are required on a specific type of paper. There are also certain tasks which a simple business invoicing system would be ill equipped to manage, yet an outsourced document distribution company like Corcentric could use a folder inserter to conduct.