How Electronic Document Distribution and Document Management are Taking the Paperless Office from a Dream to a Reality

Lee Allen
By Lee Allen | January 9, 2014
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Electronic document distribution is the key phrase when considering a paperless office.

Electronic document distribution is used by companies as a cheap, fast and secure way to send customer invoices and statements, and also dunning letters using the internet.

An electronic document distribution system requires detailed document management to ensure invoices are sent to the right people at the right time. For this reason, electronic document distribution is often outsourced to companies such as Corcentric, who specialize in document management. This saves individual companies money because electronic document distribution is a specialist task and it would be expensive to have current staff trained in this field.

How electronic document distribution and document management save paper

Document management is the system which a company will use to send out the necessary documentation to their customers. As mentioned previously, the bulk of these documents are invoices, statements or letters of a dunning nature. Prior to electronic document distribution, this would involve a lot of paper. Not only that on which the invoices and statements would be printed, but the paperwork associated with these documents and employed by banks, for example, when a customer pays their invoice.

You can find more about how going paperless saves time and money in our ‘The Benefits of Going Paperless’ white paper.

Electronic document distribution works under a document management system to send these items automatically over the internet. This means customer statements do not require printing unless the customer chooses to do so in their own home.

It should be noted that electronic document distribution will not satisfy all customers. A good document management system will accommodate those choosing not to receive invoices or dunning letters electronically. To keep your office paperless, you may choose to outsource your document management needs to a company like Corcentric who can manage your electronic document distribution as well as your paper documents.

How electronic document distribution is better for your customers

The system of electronic document distribution is often easier for customers, as well as you, because it means they are able to access their current and previous statements through a secure internet portal. They may also view past dunning letters which they may have received.

Document management systems employ databases of past statements, invoices and dunning letters which make them easier to access than, in an old fashioned office, using filing cabinets. Electronic document distribution also means documents are easy to duplicate if needed because they can be searched using the document management program and printed.

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