Going Paperless via Electronic Document Distribution and Management


Electronic document distribution remains a central concept in the evolution of a paperless office.

Businesses today utilize electronic document distribution as an efficient, cost-effective, and secure method to dispatch customer invoices, statements, and dunning letters online.

A robust electronic document distribution system facilitates meticulous document management to guarantee timely and accurate delivery of invoices, which also greatly frees up resources for the organization.

How electronic document distribution and document management save paper

Document management systems (DMS) have become an essential tool for businesses, streamlining the process of disseminating vital documentation to their clientele. The bulk of these documents are invoices, statements, or letters of a dunning nature. Prior to electronic document distribution, this would involve a lot of paper. Not only that on which the invoices and statements would be printed, but the paperwork associated with these documents and employed by banks, for example, when a customer pays their invoice.

By utilizing a document management system, the dispatch of these items over the internet is seamlessly automated by electronic document distribution, empowering customers with the choice to print only if they deem necessary.

While electronic document distribution caters to a vast majority, it’s essential to recognize that some customers may prefer traditional methods. A versatile document management system ensures inclusivity by accommodating preferences, whether digital or paper-based.

Why electronic document distribution is better for your customers

How does electronic document distribution elevate your customers’ experience? The streamlined approach of electronic document distribution offers unparalleled convenience, enabling customers to effortlessly access both current and archived statements via a secure online portal.

Document management systems employ databases of past statements, invoices, and dunning letters, which make them easier to access than an old-fashioned office that uses filing cabinets. Electronic document distribution also means documents are easy to duplicate if needed because they can be found using the document management program and printed.

If you are looking to optimize your approach to documentation towards creating a paperless office, get in touch with us. Corcentric can improve your organizational efficiency and minimize risks by digitizing your documents and providing a secure platform for distribution with full visibility.