Virtual Mailroom Introduction


Combined with a virtual post room, the term virtual mailroom refers to the outsourcing of your document distribution needs. The use of a virtual mailroom is often a key step in developing a paperless office because it transfers your need to use paper to another company, such as Corcentric. Thus, the office of that company is your virtual post room.

How does a Virtual Mailroom work?

A virtual mailroom is a system which a company such as Corcentric can set up for you. The virtual mailroom means that you can e-mail all your documents which need posting (invoices, statements etc.) to this company and they will mail them in any way you request. So a virtual post room deals with electronic and postal distribution of statements, as well as by fax.

A virtual post room specifically refers to dealing with your paper post. By outsourcing your postal and fax needs to a virtual post room you become a step closer to achieving a paperless office. Documents that you need to print are simply e-mailed to the company providing your virtual post room for printing and posting.

The virtual mailroom covers electronic document distribution needs. A virtual mailroom will run on a system which automates the sending of invoices and statements via e-mail using a database of customer information.

Why is a Virtual Mailroom Advantageous?

As a specialist task, it is almost essential to outsource your electronic document distribution needs to a virtual mailroom such as Corcentric. Software and expertise required to manage a virtual mailroom cannot be acquired overnight. Training staff to use a virtual mailroom would be more expensive than simply employing a company to be your virtual mailroom. This will ensure that your invoices and statements are safe, and going out to the right people! The virtual mailroom will be able to accommodate all your company needs, including the sending of dunning letters to chase late invoice payments.

Why is a Virtual Post Room Advantageous?

A virtual post room is advantageous in a different way. It is quite plausible for you as a company to deal with your own postal needs; however, this would defeat your effort to achieve a paperless office. Again, using a virtual post room is cheaper than sending your own post and fax invoices because the company running your virtual post room is specialist in this field. This means they have trained staff and many folder inserter machines to be as efficient as cost effective as possible.