Mass Mailing and Electronic Document Distribution


Electronic document distribution is a form of mass mailing which relies on a document management system to automate the sending of documents electronically.

Documents which electronic document distribution may be employed to send include invoices, dunning letters and customer statements. As these documents will only be required by a customer at certain times, or under certain circumstance, a document management system must be used to ensure statements, invoices and dunning letters are sent out appropriately.

Why use electronic document distribution for mass mailing?

Electronic document distribution is cost effective

The document management system which manages electronic document distribution uses a spreadsheet of customer information to computerize this sending. Thus, document management takes a human task as does it using a computer. This is not only easier for a company, but saves money on human resources.

Electronic document distribution is also advantageous financially because companies can distribute invoices and statements without the use of the postal service. This electronic document management saves money on paper, printing, envelopes and postage costs, and also has the benefit of being environmentally friendly. Naturally companies will find it inappropriate to move their entire client base onto an electronic document distribution system. Document Management can be used to find a balance between electronic and paper post, or a company such as Corcentric may be able to offer advice.

Electronic document distribution and dunning letters

When sending invoices and statements, a good document management system will be able to handle non-payments from customers also. When a customer fails to pay an invoice, the electronic document distribution system will automatically send follow up dunning letters as means of chasing payment. This is an important feature of electronic document distribution as failure to chase up late payments can result in a company losing business due to poor credit control. By computerizing the sending of invoices and dunning letters, the document management system makes this process more efficient, so a company can run more smoothly.

Speed of electronic document distribution

Relating to the last point, the efficiency offered by computerized document management and electronic document distribution has become invaluable to companies over the past 11 years. While the postal service will take 2 days to deliver an item once it is sent, electronic document distribution ensures instant arrival. Also, electronic document distribution’s speed makes it safer because an item sent instantly offers a lower interception rate, as well as lower risk of loss.