Security of Transactional Document Distribution Methods


Transactional document distribution can become a dangerous process if not conducted using the right procedures.

The term ‘transactional document distribution’ refers to the sending of all papers involved in a B2C or B2B transaction, so if not done safely, this can result in sensitive information being violated. Transactional document distribution can be carried out by post, using a fax machine, or by email using a system of web invoicing.

Transactional document distribution by post

Postal transactional document distribution is possibly the least secure method. Sending a document by post means it can be opened and viewed at any point in its journey to your post box. A document of interest to the person who has opened it can also easily be intercepted and misused.

Confusion could also arise with postal transactional document distribution if your item is mislaid by the postal service. You could be charged expensive late payment fees, with no proof that you did not receive your invoice. You may also incur late fees if you are away from home when your invoice is delivered.

Transactional document distribution by fax

Using fax machines for transactional document distribution is more reliable than the use of the postal service as a document is unlikely to be intercepted during transfer. Once it has printed, however, there is no way of preventing an unsavory character being the first to find it. This is truer when transactional document distribution sends documents to other businesses by fax, or the customer stores their fax machine in a non-secure area.

Transactional document distribution by email

Email is the most secure method of transactional document distribution. This method works using a web invoicing system which either sends the transactional document as the content of an email, or will send a link to the transactional document in the email. To use this link a customer must correctly respond to security questions.

This web invoicing system offers the safest transactional document distribution as invoices are unlikely to be intercepted. Even if a customer’s email address is hacked, they will be unable to answer the security questions and access sensitive data. Customers also prefer transactional document distribution using web invoicing because they can view and pay an invoice at any time of day using the internet.

The web invoicing system used to carry out transactional document distribution is likely to be more secure if the task is outsourced to another company such as Corcentric. As specialists in transactional document distribution, Corcentric will be able to offer you a tried, tested and perfected system with maximum available security.