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Strategic Sourcing And Benchmarking Services

Organizations can gain competitive advantages through customized supplier and contracting benchmarking reports.

Organizations operating in a lean environment often find it difficult to collect meaningful market intelligence to drive solid business decisions. Whether you’re in the process of evaluating your current supplier relationship or pursuing an agreement with a supplier in uncharted territory – such as trying to determine if a quoted labor rate is justified- comparing pricing and terms to others in the space is key to making the right choice for your business. This is where Corcentric’s supplier and contract benchmarking services can help. Our procurement benchmarking experts can sift through the market place, provide clarity on competitive rates and service levels, and help you partner with suppliers ideal of your business needs.

Benchmarking suppliers and contracts is a fast and easy way to solve sourcing conundrums. Utilizing our extensive database of proprietary market intelligence, we can provide organizations with contract benchmarking services for pricing, terms, and service levels across a variety of industries and categories of spend. As advocates for buying teams, our goal is to take the guesswork out of your purchasing decision. We’ll conduct benchmark research and deliver reports based on your organization’s specific and unique requirements. Our sourcing analysts prepare benchmarking reports far more detailed than the standard “analyst reports” and tailored to the client, providing our clients with actionable recommendations and long-term sourcing and procurement strategies for each category.

Our benchmarking data is derived from white-labeled and licensed eSourcing tools, in-house negotiations, external research repositories, partners, subscription services, market inquiries, and even directly from supplier – equipping our teams insights into dozens of spend categories.

Below are some of the most popular benchmarking categories:

Our decades of service to clients has allowed us to build some of the most robust cross-industry repositories of benchmarking data. This benchmarking data includes pricing and industry expertise that can be leveraged to provide organizations with the right information specific to their unique strategic sourcing needs. Our eSourcing technologies are used every day by companies engaging in strategic sourcing events, and these tools deliver us real-time data for monitoring changing market conditions. Simply put, no one else has the access to the same level of information, expertise, and raw data that our custom benchmarking services deliver.

Corcentric’s benchmarking services provide our clients an unparalleled awareness of their standing in the marketplace, as well as provides the insight needed for them to gain and maintain competitive advantages in their industries. Our custom benchmarking services help your organization become or maintain its status as a market leader.

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