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Procurement Transformation Advisory services help align your people, processes, tools, and technology To enhance your Procurement performance

The role of Procurement is rapidly evolving. Best-in-class organizations have embraced the value-adding potential of Procurement – transforming their historically cost reduction-focused teams to spend management powerhouses. This transition from tactical purchasers to strategic advisers means a new set of expectations for Procurement teams and an elevated approach to technology, processes, and talent.

Corcentric’s Procurement Transformation experts can help you evolve your legacy purchasing practices, tools, and organization structure to align with your enterprise’s current needs and future objective. Corcentric can provide Procurement teams of any size, complexity, and maturity with the tools and insights they need to take their procurement and sourcing operations to the next level, aiming to:

  • Secure executive and stakeholder buy-in
  • Increase category coverage and spend under management
  • Identify the appropriate metrics for assessing Procurement
  • Reduce exposure to risks across your supply chain
  • Improve visibility to quality control in all sourcing processes
  • Obtain market insights to build a competitive advantage and encourage long-term growth
  • Restructure Procurement’s staff for maximum strategic value
  • Improve supplier relationships and gain access to untapped innovations

Our Procurement Transformation consultants are equipped with decades of category-specific and cross-industry expertise and can offer support from a light assessment to an in-depth executable strategic roadmap through our proven Procurement Transformation process:

Current state analysis and transformation opportunity assessment

Transforming your supply management operations and developing a successful procurement strategy is much like reading a map. To know how to get to your desired location or end-state, you have to first understand where you currently stand. Our tailored approach to Procurement Transformation begins with a detailed evaluation of your existing supply management operations. Our Procurement Transformation advisers take a holistic look at your people, processes, technology, and metrics; closely reviewing stakeholder feedback, purchase orders and vendor contracts, established performance metrics, supplier relationships, and more; all with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement and creating an effective procurement strategy for your organization.

Putting to use decades of spend management experience and proprietary benchmark data, our procurement transformation experts then compare your existing procurement operations against industry best practices, along with companies of similar profiles. The result? Our procurement transformation advisers deliver a clear report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your existing Procurement practices within your Strategic Sourcing and Procurement department, along with recommendations for achieving better-operating efficiency, enhancing human capital management, and reducing costs.

Roadmap to Procurement Transformation

Now that you know where you want to go with your sourcing operations, our procurement transformation advisors will show you exactly how to get there. Providing you with a Procurement Transformation Roadmap, our experts map out the steps to take to achieve your desired end-state vision. Whether your procurement strategy includes trimming specific category costs, launching new training programs for your SS+P staff, implementing industry best-practices, or making improvements to key purchasing processes, our Procurement Transformation experts will show you how to get the job done. Our Procurement Transformation guide includes an anticipated timeline for results, aligning the timeline to fit your organizational goals and capacity for change, as well as the resources required and expected return on investment. Beyond the process, our Procurement Transformation Roadmap builds the business case for and demonstrates how the Transformation is crucial to the overall health of your organization’s bottom line.

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Procurement Transformation eBook

Through the various lenses of nearly a dozen Procurement and Supply Management thought leaders, Procurement Transformation: Industry Perspectives explores the evolution of the procurement function and insights into the mindset and approach necessary for a successful Procurement Transformation initiative.

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