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Procurement and Sourcing Training Services

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Procurement and Sourcing Training Services

Corcentric’s Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing training experts know the skills and capabilities that procurement, supply chain, and sourcing resources must have – because we’ve worked in the field and done the work ourselves.

Knowledge is power – but putting that power into practice is easier said than done. Whether you are an executive, procurement professional, or any individual concerned with reducing spend and strengthening your supply chain, Corcentric can provide you with the knowledge and necessary tools to successfully reduce costs and ensure your competitive edge. Fully customizable to your organization’s size, maturity, and budget, our training programs help you progress through gaining knowledge, to building capabilities, to improving skills, and finally, to growing ideas.

Managers struggle to balance the time commitments of training against the daily demands of the organization. Similarly, when it comes to budget planning, training may not be as high of a priority as hiring a new team member or replacing legacy technology. Corcentric understands the need to find a balance between training your team and delivering results; therefore, we create custom training programs that works around your requirements. The goal of our training programs is to help build a world-class team and improve the ROI for your department through:

We’ll assess your procurement, supply chain, and sourcing goals and objectives and build a program that addresses the specific issues your organization faces. We work closely with the procurement leaders, as well as your HR department, to create a program that will be effective for your team, both through the content and the delivery model. Regardless of the format your training program takes, you’ll receive the expert guidance of experienced, procurement, supply chain, and sourcing professionals. Just as Corcentric’s procurement, supply chain, and sourcing solutions deliver tangible return on investment, so too will our training offerings put you on the path to reaching your organizational goals and objectives.

Every company has its own obstacles, that’s why Corcentric’s training solutions are tailored to fit the needs of your organization, whether that be foundational courses or materials focused on a particular category or skill. Depending on your training requirements, we can build courses in the following:

Corcentric’s training experts are active, experienced procurement, supply chain, and sourcing professionals. For over 20 years, we’ve supported, led, and managed the projects, helping industry leaders realize millions of dollars in savings in the process. We are able to leverage this expertise to help your organization:

Talk to us today today to expand your procurement organization’s knowledge, capabilities, skills, and ideas.

Temporary Placement and Staffing Services

Does your Procurement team need surge support or additional help? Corcentric has temporary resources available to assist in your Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing initiatives. Our deep network of seasoned procurement, supply chain, and sourcing resources is your one-stop-shop for interim staff and expert Procurement advice. Whatever your needs, we’ll identify the talent necessary to promote long-term success. You might even decide that your temporary Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing hire would make a great permanent fit.

Temporary Supply Chain and Procurement Staffing

Procurement Business Process Outsourcing

Not every supply chain challenge will require your organization to hire a new Procurement or Supply Management professional. Consider freeing up your internal team by opting for an outsourced procurement business process strategy. Our BPO solutions provide access to a large collection of qualified Procurement, Supply Chain, and Sourcing experts who can familiarize themselves with your culture to optimize Procurement’s processes. We can supply single-category Procurement specialists or entire teams of cross-functional supply chain experts.

Sourcing and Procurement BPO

Additional Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence

Corcentric provides the market intelligence and procurement expertise necessary to develop a competitive edge in Supply Management. Our cross-category sourcing experience enables us to drive significant savings in procurement projects of any size. Whether you’re looking for individual project support or a complete overhaul of Procurement’s processes, we’re here to help. For risk-free cost reduction services, consider leveraging our suite of contingency-based services.

Sourcing and Procurement Intelligence

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