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End-to-end Procurement Transformation Services

Create a tech-enabled supply management function with a comprehensive Digital Procurement Transformation.

Procurement groups in every industry and at every maturity level expect a digital transformation to change their business within the next several years. This transformation won’t happen on its own.  Like any initiative, Digital Procurement Transformation requires careful planning, consistent effort, and a dedicated team of experts.

Benefits of Digital Procurement Transformation:

  • Faster, more efficient, and more effective Procure-to-Pay processes.
  • Reduced costs and more strategic, informed decision making.
  • Increased visibility into spend and supplier relationships.
  • Better, more proactive risk management.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to meet changing needs and capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with internal stakeholders and external partners.
  • A culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Modular Source-to-Pay solutions make it easy to realize the benefits of Digital Procurement Transformation through a single, user-friendly platform. You can start as small as you need to by selecting the applications most relevant to your urgent needs. From there, receive expert support as new modules and capabilities become available.

Features of Our Digital Procurement Suite:

  • Supplier Management: Supplier Onboarding, Supplier Information, Supplier Risk & Performance, Action Plan Management.
  • Sourcing: Project Management, Rfx Management, eAuction, Big Analysis, and Award.
  • Financial Management: Budget Management, Financial Tracking, Cost Allocation.
  • Contract Lifecycle Management: Repository & Workflow, Authoring & Clause Library, Negotiation Management, Clause & Risk Management, Lifecycle Management, eSignature Integration.
  • Invoice Management: Budget Management, Financial Tracking, Cost Allocation.
  • Procurement: Purchase Requisition, Catalog Management, Purchase Order, Services Procurement, Receiving Management.
  • Analytics: Spend Analysis, Savings Tracking, Procurement Analytics, Custom Analytics.
  • Business Apps: Asset Management, Inventory Management, Custom Apps.

Remember, technology is just one piece of what makes Digital Transformation possible. The best Procurement solutions in the world are no good at all if your people aren’t prepared to leverage them effectively. That’s why Corcentric offers a full suite of spend management services to ensure you not only make smart investments but implement your tools effectively and set your Procurement team up for success.

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