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Procurement Process Redesign Services and Procurement Operation Improvements

Corcentric’s process improvement consulting services can drive operational excellence not just internally, but throughout the entire supply chain, linking supplier management to customer value.

Corcentric has driven significant cost savings and operational improvements to the supply chain by streamlining the procure-to-pay processes. Through proven best practices, a lean methodology that eliminates non-value adding functions, and the introduction of efficient standardized processes such as empowered requisitioning, our clients have reduced the cost of procurement by 10, 20, even 50% or more.

Paperless, electronic procurement has the potential to reduce requisition-processing costs by 70% per order. Organizations utilizing Internet procurement automation report that, on average, the time required to process a purchase requisition was shortened by 50% to 70%. Control deficiencies were also addressed through these standardized practices and the shorter fulfillment cycles and improved purchase control allowed user organizations to adopt just-in-time procurement strategies, significantly reducing inventory carrying costs, warehousing, materials handling, obsolescence, and shrinkage.

Procurement’s Pain Points:

Corcentric’s comprehensive approach to assessing and redesigning Procurement empowers organizations to correct these issues, increase control over their purchasing activities, and improve visibility into supply and demand. Beyond eliminating uncertainty, our services provide the foundation for a stronger, more sustainable Procurement function.

Our Procurement Process Redesign services assist companies in:

Corcentric’s Procurement Transformation teams bring years of experience and subject matter expertise to every client engagement.  We understand that optimal process design cuts down cycle times, enables transactional efficiencies, and provides maximum value to our clients. Across today’s dynamic supply chains, Procurement must find the right balance between standardization and flexibility in order to thrive. Our services make it possible to do just that.

Procurement Organization Restructuring

Procurement teams need to change in size alongside their companies. Too often, sudden expansion or downsizing leaves Procurement department’s inefficiently or ineffectively staffed. Corcentric’s Procurement Transformation experts have the experience and market intelligence to establish a procurement department perfectly suited to the size, structure, industry, and cost reduction goals of your company.

Supplier Relationship Management

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing initiatives shouldn’t conclude after you’ve identified suppliers. Trust Corcentric’s Supplier Relationship Management experts to establish programs that ensure long-term ROI from your Procurement efforts. They’ll develop systems for proactively assessing and optimizing supplier relationships. With these in place, your Strategic Sourcing campaigns should exceed expectations and lead to fruitful, long-lasting collaboration.

Vendor Optimization Consulting

Procurement Staffing Solutions

Corcentric’s Procurement experts offer a variety of on-site, off-site, and hybrid solutions to supplement or replace your current sourcing and supply management resources. Thanks to decades of cross-industry experience, we can suggest Procurement, Supply Management, and Strategic Sourcing talent that is fully flexible to your company’s unique needs and culture.

Sourcing Recruitment and Staffing

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