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It doesn’t always make sense to hire a strategic sourcing category expert or procurement professional for every single aspect of your corporate spend. The return on investment for hiring and retaining talented multi-disciplined procurement professionals can have a diminishing return once you move past your top supplier contracts or top spend categories. But traditional consultants from the big firms charge way too much money and often require minimum guarantees of work that far exceed what hiring an extra procurement person or two would cost. In some cases, the procurement support they provide is too generic and doesn’t provide the depth of category or sourcing expertise that you are looking for.

Corcentric has the answer to your dilemma. With our sourcing and procurement support services, you have access to the right procurement team, with the right procurement experience – when you need them, as you need them – regardless of the type of procurement project you are tackling. Think of us as a help desk for procurement.

Use our on-demand procurement advisors from our Procurement Help Desk:

With our on-demand Procurement Help Desk, you can get immediate support for a variety of procurement and sourcing challenges. Think about having access to one of the largest, most sophisticated subject matter leaders in procurement that can help build your strategies, support your negotiations, revise your procurement policies, or support your sourcing needs. Our customized accounts payable help desk is a flexible retainer service that gives you access to a whole pool of experts with a wide variety of expertise for far less than the cost of using a lone single-focused consultant.

Ready to get access to an entire team of strategic sourcing experts and hundreds of collective years of procurement experience? Contact Corcentric’s Procurement Help Desk today!

Sourcing experts on retainer

Corcentric works with your team to understand your ongoing procurement needs and will build a procurement support retainer agreement customized to your organization. We estimate how much time you will need from our sourcing and procurement experts and establish what type of sourcing and procurement support projects you are looking for.  We then build a discounted pre-paid support package under a retainer agreement.  When your team needs sourcing or procurement help, they simply call us or initiate a ticket to get support from any one of our experts in any spend category or procurement capacity. We allow some rollover hours too, so you can bank this month’s time to tackle a larger procurement initiative next month.

Our Procurement Help Desk services provide:

Procurement and Sourcing Help Desk in action

A Medical Device Manufacturer, initially looking for support nearshoring manufacturing operations to gain more visibility and control of their supply base, received that and much more through Corcentric’s Procurement and Sourcing Help Desk. With the right on-demand combination of procurement capabilities, strategic sourcing resources, and proven supply management best practices, Corcentric helped the client significantly reduce costs and optimize their supply base. Take a deeper look at the results our Procurement Help Desk delivered through our flexible strategic sourcing and procurement consulting services.

Achieve world-class procurement Status

We’re not just a research firm that will hand you back generic procurement research statistics. We’re not just collecting information from phone calls. Our procurement experts and sourcing experts are real life execution-focused professionals that are living and breathing procurement projects and sourcing engagements for our clients every day. Our perspective is unique, in that we know what it takes to be successful, and have more than just an academic understanding of procurement challenges.


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