Opportunity Assessment Services and Sourcing Roadmaps

Corcentric’s decades of experience in dozens of spend categories allow us to deliver opportunity assessments and sourcing roadmaps tailored to your corporate goals and objectives.

The true value in conducting an in-depth Spend Analysis comes from identifying opportunities to realize sustainable cost savings and enhanced supply chain performance. That’s why Corcentric’s spend analysis services and the Corcentric Platform, go beyond simply categorizing spend. Our opportunity assessment service delivers a breakdown of key sourcing strategies tested and proven in the market through decades of experience in procurement and category management.

During a Corcentric spend analysis, our category subject matter experts are directly involved – utilizing our specialized benchmarking and market intelligence capabilities to develop key sourcing strategies for all critical spend categories in parallel. In other words, we don’t just give you the map – we provide a clear path to savings, helping you move from point A to point B. Our spend consultants know the important questions that need to be answered before undertaking any strategic sourcing initiative, and our flexible yet disciplined approach to sourcing roadmap development ensures that you are covered:

  • Easily identify quick-win opportunities as well as longer-term, higher ROI initiatives to aid in planning a strategic sourcing pipeline.
  • Understand potential savings against a backdrop of total category spend to help target expected savings figures.
  • Identify category-specific sourcing strategies that best meet the challenges you will face during a sourcing project.

Developing a strategic sourcing plan requires two key elements: Targeted, procurement-focused spend analysis coupled with an opportunity assessment built from actionable sourcing strategies. Partnering with Corcentric gives you seamless access to both of these services, allowing you to complete your opportunity assessments and begin saving faster.

Corcentric’s spend consultants take a holistic view of spend analysis and opportunity assessments – backed by decades of category-specific subject matter expertise and our unmatched market intelligence and benchmarking. Our model is based on partnership – we become your Procurement department’s trusted advisers, and your Procurement department emphasizes its role as a strategic partner and enabler of the business. Contact Corcentric’s Opportunity Assessment Experts today.

Actionable Sourcing Strategies

Corcentric’s spend consultants know that analyzing spend is only the first element of strategic sourcing – to realize the rewards, you must be able to identify savings opportunities and develop a path to achieving them as well. This may sound simple, but without a solid understanding of market trends or effective savings strategy levers, identifying and assessing savings opportunities is difficult:

  • Which opportunities represent quick wins to help build buy-in among the top brass?
  • Which opportunities may require dedicating significant resources but also carry the largest ROI?
  • What are reasonable savings levels to target?
  • Should you plan on going to market immediately, or would rationalization and rightsizing be more practical?
  • Is your relationship with an incumbent strategically critical, or could alternate suppliers take their place at a more competitive price point?

Beyond Spend Automation

Too many organizations view Spend Analytics platforms as their roadmap to savings. Although these tools may provide a lay of the land, the path to savings is anything but clear. The value of these services ends just as you need the most support: Identifying opportunities to save money and developing the strategies needed to reach them.

Corcentric’s approach is different – emphasizing practicality, efficiency, and alignment to your business’ goals. You’ll benefit from the visibility you need to drive greater supply value – without all the trappings of resource consumption that you don’t need.

Spend Analysis Services


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