According to the Aberdeen Group, the average procurement group fails to implement as much as 25% of contracts with identified savings after contract award. What’s more, enterprises only realize 38% of negotiated savings due to a lack of resources.

Corcentric’s portfolio, program, and project management consultants can help keep your strategic initiatives on track!

What is outsourced project management?

Outsourced project management is the process of outsourcing certain aspects of a project to an external party. This can include anything from part or all of the planning, execution, and evaluation processes. Outsourcing project management has become increasingly popular as organizations seek ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve project outcomes. By outsourcing specific aspects of a project, companies can leverage the experience and expertise of external providers while still maintaining control over key decisions. Additionally, outsourcing can help ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Corcentric’s outsourced program management experts are focused on delivering results post-contract award, implementing savings, and developing long-term strategic relationships with our clients. We provide maximum value by tailoring our planning, engagement, and governance to your organization’s unique requirements.

What do Corcentric’s outsourced project and program management services include?

Our outsourced project and program management services include:

What is unique about Corcentric’s outsourced project and program management services?

Corcentric has managed initiatives across hundreds of categories for companies spanning the industrial spectrum, including multiple Fortune 1000 clients in industries such as life sciences, healthcare, insurance, finance, aerospace, construction, manufacturing, and education. There is no initiative too challenging for our professionals.

Our outsourced project management consultants are not just resources driving your company’s strategic initiatives forward and delivering results but committed partners to your company’s vision, goals, and success. Below are three ways Corcentric’s consultants offer your organization a unique and tailored project management solution.

Proven project management consulting

Corcentric has a proven track record of providing efficient and cost-effective project management services. Our skilled and experienced project managers will drive your business’ projects from planning to successful completion. Our project managers also have the expertise to identify crucial gaps in a project and can tailor the desired approach to your specific needs, delivering both short and long-term wins for your company.

Customized program management solutions

Our program managers know that many high-profile initiatives not only mean changes in suppliers, products, services, or processes but also in your company’s culture. Our program managers have the expertise to deliver complex, challenging, and financially impactful strategic initiatives while adapting to your corporate culture. Corcentric’s customized solutions for managing client initiatives can range from performing a gap analysis and defining key milestones and schedules to establishing processes, procedures, governance, and metrics to benefit realization across the enterprise. No two companies are alike; likewise, no two programs are ever the same. That’s why Corcentric’s program managers tailor each engagement to ensure it aligns with all interested stakeholders’ requirements, culture, and financial objectives.

Portfolio office establishment

Corcentric can handle your outsourced project management requirements for individual projects or help you with more holistic, strategic initiatives. Establishing a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) will provide your company with the necessary resources to oversee the due diligence, analysis, identification, planning, strategy, and execution of each component in the portfolio. Corcentric has the subject matter experts and experiences to build from scratch or help supplement your existing PMO practice.

Your company contributes significant time, money, and personnel to its strategic initiatives to help your business grow. Corcentric offers strategic sourcing and procurement consultants and the portfolio, program, and project management services you need to improve quality and service levels with minimal impact on the budget.

Let us help keep your sourcing projects running smoothly and your company growing.


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