Corcentric Procurement Process Redesign Services and Procurement Operation Improvements can drive operational excellence internally and throughout the entire supply chain, linking supplier management to customer value.

You know you need to go paperless, automating and streamlining your procurement to be more efficient and competitive. But how to get started? Corcentric Procurement Process Redesign Services has helped countless organizations transform their end-to-end procure continuum to achieve significant cost savings and operational improvements across their supply chains.

Through proven best practices, a lean methodology that eliminates non-value adding functions, and the introduction of efficient standardized processes such as empowered requisitioning, our clients have reduced the cost of procurement by 10, 20, even 50% or more. In fact, paperless, electronic procurement has the potential to reduce requisition-processing costs by 70% per order, and shorten the time required to process a purchase requisition by 50% to 70%. We’ll work with your team to implement standardized practices to accelerate your procurement function, improve your purchase and spend control, and gain full visibility into your supply and demand chain.

Corcentric Procurement Process Redesign Services
helps transform your procurement pain points…

…into procurement process optimization:

Your Procurement Process Redesign
may also benefit from procurement organization restructuring

M&A, organic growth, economic downsizing — procurement departments need to scale to better meet the needs of the wider organization. Corcentric’s Procurement Transformation advisory puts our experience, market intelligence, and industry knowledge behind ensuring your procurement department is ideally suited to the size, structure, industry, and cost parameters of your company.

Two ways we make that happen:

Procurement Staffing Solutions

The right people at the right time in the right place is critical to your procurement success. We offer a variety of onsite, offsite, and hybrid solutions to supplement or replace your current sourcing and supply management human resources, and we can even suggest a managed procurement strategy. With decades of cross-industry experience, we can suggest Procurement, Supply Management, and Strategic Sourcing talent that is fully flexible to your company’s unique needs and culture.

Sourcing Recruitment and Staffing

Supplier Relationship Management

Redesigning your procurement process means establishing programs that ensure long-term ROI from your procurement efforts. Since your suppliers are critical to your sourcing, procurement, and even company’s success, our Supplier Relationship Management provide systems for proactively assessing and optimizing your supplier relationships. The goal is for your Strategic Sourcing campaigns to exceed expectations through strong, resilient, and mutually beneficial collaboration.


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