Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisory Services

Procurement Technology Measurement and Ongoing Support

Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisory team helps clients identify and implement solutions to support Procurement’s efforts

Corcentric Procurement Technology Advisers offer Measurement and Ongoing Support Services

Our Measurement and Ongoing Support for Procurement Technology promotes organizational alignment, increases visibility, and encourages continued investment in the function.

Done correctly, selecting and implementing a new Procurement technology is often a once-in-a-career undertaking. Maximizing the ROI of new solutions could mean advancing in your career, improving your organization’s performance, and making Procurement a strategic value generator.  Corcentric’s technology Performance Monitoring and Ongoing Support services make it easy to do just that.

The final step in our end-to-end Procurement Technology Advisory service offering, Measurement and Ongoing Support ensures organization get the most from their technology. Our hands-on support also provides for a cultural shift. Fostering collaboration and improving visibility, our technology advisers make transformation part of an everyday conversation.

Procurement Technology Measurement and Ongoing Support

  • Developing roadmaps for optimizing Procurement’s policies, processes, and procedures and aligning them with the function’s new solution.
  • Aligning Procurement’s technology with the organization’s current state and its future goals.
  • Advocating for Procurement throughout the organization to refine its role and earn it the necessary executive buy-in.
  • Ensuring new solutions are calibrated to deliver on Procurement’s business outcomes and drive ROI across the business.
  • Establishing metrics and reporting structures to ensure Procurement’s value is recognized and its solutions are widely adopted.
  • Creating training tools and programs to facilitate easy adoption and promote internal support for Procurement’s technology initiatives.
  • Encouraging visibility across units and initiatives and helps create the necessary management structures.

Don’t expect your new eSourcing suite, contract management tool, or other Procurement Technology to drive ROI on its own. Don’t expect your organization to invest in Procurement ‘just because.’ Reach out to our Measurement and Ongoing Support team today to take an active role in driving Procurement’s future and optimizing its solutions.

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