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Low Cost Country and Nearshoring

Results-Producing Sourcing and Procurement Services by Corcentric

Low Cost Country Strategic Sourcing Services

Corcentric can assist your company in the procurement of items and services either domestically or from low-cost country suppliers (such as China, S. Korea, Eastern Europe, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan).

These countries can provide lower unit costs due to economic boom, low costs of labor and overhead and the increase in global trade.

* Post recession, Corcentric has seen a large interest in “Nearshoring” and is happy to announce that we have completed several large manufactured goods projects with near shore countries. Whether low prices are in your mind, safety concerns, or you found your existing far-east manufactured products and intellectual property for sale in the black market, there are many compelling reasons to bring your manufactured goods closer to home. Corcentric can help. *

Sourcing from foreign markets can be extremely complicated due to tariffs, language barriers, logistics, and import/export restrictions. Corcentric has the resources and partnerships formed through strategic alliances throughout the world to help you save time and energy in strategic sourcing from these countries.

Together, Corcentric and your organization can find the right products, services, and suppliers to effectively reduce your spend and meet your organizational needs.

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing process will help you pre-qualify the suppliers based on quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing and the overall fit with your organizational needs.

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing process will help identify which supply markets are attractive based on the following criteria:

Become More Competitive

Corcentric can assist in the identification of cost competitive high quality supply chain partners. These supply chain partners can often add additional value to your organization beyond better pricing. Overseas supply chain partners may offer innovations in their products and services, as well as new creative process improvements that can add additional value to your product or service offerings or allow your company to expand its offering. Additionally, many overseas suppliers can tap into the latest technologies in low cost design capability, and are often willing to build their manufacturing capability to suit a new client’s needs.

Together, Corcentric and your organization can build effective long-term relationships with the low-cost supplier that fits your organizational goals and requirements.

Global Footprint

Through our extensive partner network, Corcentric offers physical locations in multiple low cost countries, including:


You don’t have to go halfway across the world in order to find savings in your supply chain. In fact, recent supply chain disruptions, such as political instability, rising fuel costs and natural disasters have made more and more American businesses start looking closer to home for their products or services. We can help. Corcentric has extensive experience in Near-Shore locations, such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Europe and South Africa.
Read about nearshoring.

Procurement Services

Our Procurement Services are available for mid-market and larger organizations. We are the leading solution provider for the mid-market in areas such as: benchmark reporting, spend analysis, supplier consolidation, statements of work, market analysis, and RFP solutions.

Low Risk with Contingency

Our Strategic Sourcing services can be provided on a contingency (gain sharing) basis, so that they are no fees unless savings are realized.

Global Sourcing Software

Corcentric provides a free global sourcing platform that is available on the Internet as an on-demand service.

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