Marketing Agency Services

From Branding to Advertising, we provide a wide range of Strategic Sourcing Services

Marketing Teams trust Corcentric to find the right Marketing Agency partners and to maximize marketing dollars across brands.

Marketing is driven by elements like insights and intuition to create a brand identity.  This brand identity is marketing’s currency and it helps to influence the targeted consumer base.  Whether the company is preparing for a novel product launch or seeking to differentiate its business from a crowded landscape, the brand and brand messaging is critical in reaching the right audience.  As the designer and developer of campaigns, the creative and advertising agencies are a crucial driver of marketing initiatives.  Chief Marketing Officers must select suitable and agile partners in this space, a task that is further complicated by an environment where continual change is the norm, choices are seemingly innumerable, and all agencies claim to be the most innovative.

Corcentric’s Marketing Strategic Sourcing Consultants have direct experience working with different types of agencies and help ensure our clients are working with partners whose vision and delivery are aligned with the objectives of the marketing teams. Marketing is undoubtedly critical to fueling a company’s growth, but to solely focus on the creative vision without factoring in the sourcing process results in decreased returns on marketing’s investment.  In taking a customized approach to every sourcing and procurement engagement, we look for opportunities to obtain value beyond savings.

Marketing Agency Sourcing Best Practices

Advertising is an investment to be nurtured, not a cost to be cut. Corcentric’s marketing sourcing professionals collaborate with business leaders to pinpoint opportunities with agencies and implement relationship-optimizing strategies.

We deliver true marketing spend value and provide a competitive advantage, to ensure your company select the right partner. 

Corcentric emphasizes teaming with clients to understand their current and future needs for strategically sourcing creative, advertising and branding agencies. Combined with our insight from working closely with creative industries, we provide marketers access to a constructive dialogue with the most suitable agencies in the field.

Our goal is to encourage supplier relationship longevity.

By serving as an informed conduit between marketers and creative agencies, our marketing sourcing experts take into consideration factors beyond capabilities and experience, such as cultural fit and account management dedication. By clearly defining the expectations of both marketers and agencies, Corcentric’s sourcing team can help match your company with the right agency, resulting in a partnership that not only lasts several years but also provides innovation throughout the partnership. As both parties become better acquainted with each other and the business, the stage will be set for creative and strategic results that correspond more accurately to the needs of the business, ultimately increasing the value of the exchange.

We have insight into agency compensation.

With this insight into agency compensation models, we provide businesses with greater transparency regarding their money spent on creative, strategic, and management services, in addition to pass-through expenses.

Corcentric Experience with Sourcing for Creative Agencies:

Corcentric has helped clients identify an array of agency partners, including:

  • Creative Agencies
  • Promotional Agencies
  • Branding Agencies
  • Marketing Strategy Agencies
  • Full Service/Advertising Agencies

Corcentric has extensive experience in helping clients optimize their relationship with agencies through strategic sourcing, including:

  • Conducting research and providing clients with in-depth market intelligence and benchmarking on agency capabilities, cost structures, contractual terms, and the relevant competitive landscape
  • Collaborating with marketing and advertising leaders specializing in, among others, the pharmaceuticalglobal consumer products, insurance industries and many others.
  • Executing a customized and formal selection processes, with detailed scope of work and pitch presentation criteria
  • Establishing standards to promote the effectiveness of Key Performance Indicators, defining methods to measure Return on Investment, and negotiating best-in-class agreements

Drawing from cross-industry expertise and diverse backgrounds, our in-house Marketing Strategic Sourcing Services team will collaborate with you to provide informed consultation on strengthening your agency relationships to bridge the gap between great ideas and their fruition.