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Increasing Agency Value through Budget Optimization and Relationship Management

Optimize Campaign Budgets, Maximize Results, and Deliver Value for Marketing Departments Through Sourcing

Corcentric works with our clients’ Marketing teams to evaluate agency relationships and spending, ensure they are in the best position to maximize their Marketing budgets, and achieve their strategic goals.

Marketing expenditures are an investment in branding/sales activity – and Marketing departments are tasked with developing strategies, managing budgets, creating brand messaging, selecting agency partners, and more to maximize the investment potential. The added responsibilities of managing Marketing agencies, contracts, and budgets can be an undue burden for Marketers.

Corcentric understands the challenges Marketers face when balancing marketing and branding activities with sourcing responsibilities.  Our team of Marketing Sourcing experts works with your team to understand your goals and develop custom solutions to support your needs.

Marketing Infrastructure and Network Diagram (MIND)

For the Marketing category, a spend analysis does not always provide a complete view of the Marketing landscape for your organization. Through Corcentric’s MIND solution, you are able to gain a holistic view of your organization’s Marketing agency landscape using our Marketing-specific taxonomy and spend visibility process. We work with your teams to ensure a complete understanding of your current Marketing landscape and future state outlook, which is used to create a sourcing roadmap tailed to meeting your organizational goals.

Agency Search/Review

Whether you are seeking out a new agency or testing the market to ensure you are working with the best suited partner, Corcentric is able to support execute an Agency Search/Review on your behalf. Working with your team, we develop a scope of work that can captures your agency requirements, navigate the agency landscape to find qualified participants who meet your criteria, and negotiate competitive pricing and contracts to ensure a best in class relationship.

Benchmarking Services

A benchmark is an incredibly useful tool, whether you are testing the market to determine if an Agency Review is warranted or collecting market intelligence to develop an informed negotiation plan. We are able to leverage our over 25 years of benchmark intelligence to provide a comprehensive analysis of your agency pricing and contracts to offer insight into how your current state compares to your competitors.

Agency Relationship Management

Marketing agencies are strategic partners for your organization, developing the branding and messaging used to promote and sell your products/services. As such, the relationships developed with these partners is essential to ensuring that you achieve your Marketing goals. Corcentric works with your Marketing teams to develop customized programs focused on driving collaboration with your agency partners. By establishing regular cadences for discussing agency performance, reviewing contracts, providing feedback, and sharing recommendations on innovations, you are able to maintain strong working relationships with your agency partners.

Agency Audit Services

Similar to a benchmark, an agency audit is a viable solution for assessing an incumbent agency without going to market. Our team will work with you and your agencies to review contract language and pricing to ensure compliance to the agreed upon terms by both parties. Through our assessment, we will provide recommendations for improving compliance with your agency partners, internal process changes to capitalize on agency value, and ensure that your contracts and pricing are aligned with the market.

Corcentric’s marketing services team includes marketing professionals that understand the value in-house marketing departments need from their agency and supplier partners. We work with your team to develop strategies tailored to your organizational needs, and ensure your Marketing landscape is in the best position to achieve strategic goals.  We are able to manage the sourcing process from start to finish, including reviewing agency network, developing a scope of work, and executing contracts through your legal department.

Regardless of the solution, our team of experts works with you to establish partnerships with your Marketing agencies and service providers who can deliver value and drive results for your organization.

Benchmarking and Market Research

The key to any successful marketing engagement is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your supplier and agency partners. That comes from having the right market intelligence. Corcentric’s marketing services experts maintain a wealth of market intelligence from a variety of resources, including:

Our knowledge-base of market research and benchmarking data ensures your company will always know where it and its products stand in the marketplace, and we offer the market intelligence your organization needs to gain a competitive edge going forward.

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