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Marketing Agency Assessment Services: Marketing Infrastructure & Network Diagram (MIND)

Corcentric’s MIND solution allows organizations to gain visibility into Marketing agency ecosystems to identify gaps and make informed decisions about budget allocation.

Marketing budgets often fluctuate year-over-year as Marketing groups adapt to the changing advertising landscape. This can make it difficult for organizations to track spending trends and understand whether their agency network has the capabilities to support future strategies. Our Marketing Sourcing experts understand that Marketing is an investment in ideas, strategies, talent, research, and brand innovation for an organization. Whether or not cost savings are a driving factor, it is essential for organizations to manage these investments by way of the elusive marketing budget to maximize the potential return on those investments.

That’s why Corcentric developed the Marketing Infrastructure & Network Diagram (MIND). Our MIND solution is intended to supplement a standard spend analysis or category planning exercise by taking a deep dive. We look into the scope of services with each agency and its strategic planning activities to develop a customized tool. Marketing groups can leverage it to make impactful decisions on how to invest Marketing dollars immediately, and in the future. We work alongside your Marketing teams to develop a plan-of-action for addressing short- and long-term objectives for the category.

Our agency roster management solution is a multi-step process that is customized to your organization’s unique Marketing environment, including:

  • Conducting an in-depth marketing data collection process to fully understand the current and future state of the Marketing category through contract reviews, interviews, budget analysis, etc., in the form of agency roster management
  • Executing a Marketing-category specific spend analysis exercise using a customized spend taxonomy based on terminology and tactics used by the organization
  • Developing a visual representation of the marketing agency network based on the results of the categorization exercise, and performing agency roster re-engineering where applicable
  • Collaborating with Marketing groups to develop a roadmap outlining strategies for achieving the organizations’ category goals and objectives

We developed our Marketing agency assessment services based on years of experience working with different Marketing groups and seeing the challenges they face each year when developing budgets and category management plans. Our solution is intended to:

  • Provide holistic visibility into marketing agencies and services across brands, tactics, etc.
  • Ensure the marketing agency network has the capabilities to support future strategies and tactics
  • Identify opportunities to remove redundancies in services across agency portfolio
  • Support decision-making for future-state strategies and budget allocation

Overall, the MIND solution is a collaborative process between Corcentric, Marketing, Procurement, and any other relevant stakeholder groups to develop a plan to ensure that the organization is in the best position to realize their Marketing category goals.

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Why Companies Choose MIND

Marketing is inherently creative and innovative, and is driven by elements like insights and intuition, which are difficult to quantify, difficult to track, and yet absolutely essential to growing the business.  Our Marketing Consultants understand the unique nuances, and developed MIND with that in ‘mind’.

Marketing Infrastructure & Network Diagram Delivers Results

Clients who leverage MIND see higher ROI to position their brands above competitors.  MIND offers:

We work collaboratively with you to determine short and long-term goals, and develop a plan to address anything from high complexity initiatives, like future state planning, to low complexity initiatives, like direct negotiations and agency search.  Supplement your standard spend analysis process and apply the Marketing-specific MIND solution today!

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