Warehousing & Logistics Platform Strategic Sourcing Services

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing experts can help to develop your IT-related warehousing and logistics requirements, match suppliers and solutions to your business and industry needs, and provide visibility into the best warehousing and logistics systems and pricing available in the market.

Supply chain management extends to warehouse and logistics processes by using integrated software solutions to support inbound and outbound processes. Gaining visibility into your supply chain and inventory will allow you to better serve your distribution network and end customers, along with allowing you to better calculate direct costs and productivity.

Corcentric’s IT and logistics spend management experts are very experienced in working with clients who have complex distribution and warehouse infrastructures. As you explore upgrading or migrating from disparate warehouse and logistics systems to gain efficiency and visibility into processes, Corcentric can help you identify suppliers and solutions that can support your current and future warehousing and logistics needs.

Our Services Portfolio for Logistics & Warehouse Systems Strategic Sourcing includes:

  • Incumbent Negotiations: Corcentric can leverage its market intelligence to identify what is attainable in a negotiation with your incumbent logistics and warehouse system supplier from a pricing, terms and conditions, and service level perspective.
  • Requirements Definition: Our strategic sourcing analysts have extensive experience working with stakeholder groups and end users to understand business requirements and translate those requirements into supplier-ready specifications.  With Corcentric’s specialty category experience in both logistics and information technology, our strategic sourcing experts can expediently and effectively design your logistics and warehouse system requirements.
  • Sourcing Strategy: By drafting and administering an RFI and/or RFP, completing a competitive analysis, assisting with negotiations, and supporting change management, Corcentric can help you implement a new logistics and warehouse solution from software licensing, hosting and hardware requirements, customization and configuration, implementation services, and more!
  • Consolidation: Whether your challenge with your warehousing and logistics platform is managing disparate systems cobbled together over time or integrated across mergers and acquisitions, we can help to identify opportunities to consolidate multiple supply chain tools to realize cost savings, improve end user experience, and drive consistency.
  • Trends: Corcentric’s warehouse and logistics management platform experts focus on understanding current market trends and can help develop roadmaps to ensure that your supply chain and logistics infrastructure is architected for future growth and evolving requirements for inventory management and traceability.
  • Benchmarking: We provide custom benchmark reporting to measure your warehouse and logistics software licensing and support costs against the contracts of your peers and competitors.

Trust Corcentric to help you navigate the complexities of both Logistics and Information Technology operations and ensure that your chosen warehouse and logistics software platform meets your organization’s unique needs – at a competitive price and total cost of ownership.

Logistics & IT Expertise

Backed by decades of strategic sourcing experience for both the IT and Logistics spend category, Corcentric’s experts understand the common solutions being utilized in warehousing and logistics:

Warehouse Management System (WMS): Allows you to track materials and the location of items within your warehouses. The basis of a WMS solution assigns tasks to operators within the warehouse to support inbound/outbound processes (e.g., putaway, pick, load) in an efficient and best-fit order. WMS solutions typically incorporate a number of optional components such as labor management, yard management, slotting, and supporting reporting or analytics. Inventory can be managed through the WMS with reporting back to an ERP system.

Batch Management and Traceability: Batch management allows you to identify what materials were used in production and allows for traceability when materials fail (e.g., if a recall needs to occur, batch management allows you to pull things back based on the root cause). This may be a component of another system or a separate system tied into the WMS and/or distribution management solutions.

Carrier and Delivery Management: While there are many components to support carrier and delivery management, two of the more common components, which can be a part of the systems above, are:

  • Proof of Delivery (POD) – Allows you to interact with your customers by providing order tracking, validation, and moving away from paper processes for payment and delivery.
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) – While sometimes a part of a broader supply chain solution, TMS software typically integrates with an existing ERP and WMS to connect orders and outbound shipments to allow users to optimize mode and carrier costs. TMS software can also support audit and payment of freight.


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