How To Use The Spend Matters Solution Map For An Executive Source-To-Pay Solution

Spend Matters Solution Map

The world of source-to-pay solutions is constantly changing, and as such Executive teams in the finance industry must remain vigilant to find the best possible fit for their financial operations. This is no easy task, however; there are multitude of providers and vendors in the industry and it can be overwhelming to research and compare all of the options. To help simplify this process and make it easier, Spend Matters provides solution map to streamline this search process.

The solution map is an interactive tool that allows users to quickly and easily filter their search by category, function, size/scope, vendor, and region. It provides robust reviews, analysis and ratings of leading source-to-pay solutions with simple categories to identify the best offerings in the marketplace. These reviews provide insight and help narrow the scope of providers, which will save you time and lead to an efficient and successful implementation.

To begin, navigate the Spend Matters website and search for the Solution Map tab. This can usually be found in the top navigation bar. Click the tab to open the page. You will be greeted with page filled with questions and filters. Decide what type of source and pay solution provider you are looking for (category, function, size/scope, vendor, and/or region).

Once you have decided on what type of provider you are looking for, use the left and right arrows in the filter sections to select your category, function, size/scope, vendor, and/or region. As you select each filter, spend matters continuously updates and refines the list based on your selections until your list is final. For example, selecting the ?Cost Savings? function arrow will then automatically provide list of solutions that specialize in this area of functionality.

Once you have created your final list of providers, all you have to do is click on one of the results and you will be presented with summary page. This page provides brief description of the source and payment provider you selected and also contains links to more detailed information about the service, such as features, pricing, and customer reviews.

Using the Spend Matters solution map simplifies the selection process for Executive teams in search of source-to-pay provider. By filtering your choices by specific parameters, such as pricing, region, and customer reviews, you will be able to quickly focus your search on the providers that best fit your needs. This will not only save you time, but it will help ensure you make the best possible choice when selecting solution.