Managed Postal Invoicing

Still printing and posting business-critical documents in-house? Outsource, automate, and save

Print and post documents the smart way

Printing and posting invoices, statements and other financial documents in-house can be a manual, costly, and time-consuming process. Outsource these tasks via Corcentric EIPP postal solutions to reduce costs, automate production, and manage alongside your e-invoicing; through one online managed mail platform.

Reduce Document Delivery Costs

Our managed paper invoicing lets you reduce stamp costs for paper invoices, statements and other business-critical documents through Corcentric’s network of localized print hubs. Documents are electronically delivered to a print hub in the end-recipient’s country, reducing postage time and cost. No more international delivery delays, costs, or risks.

Reduce Document Printing Costs

No need to invest in and maintain printing machinery, nor staff to manage it. Scale up or down, as your printing needs require – without needing to worry about printers, paper, ink, or the manual process of inserting into envelopes and posting.

Manage Alongside e-Invoicing

It’s rare to have customers who are happy to receive 100% e-invoices. Corcentric EIPP allows you to manage electronic and postal delivery together, through one streamlined platform. As customers move from print and mail to accept e-invoicing, their preferences can be updated with ease.

Rules-driven Printing

Choose whether invoices are printed or not via an automated rules engine. For instance, if a contact does not respond to an e-invoice within a specified timeframe, automatically send by print. If certain regions require statements by post, print and post these automatically. You set the rules and let Corcentric take care of the rest.

Deliver Invoices Faster

Localized invoice printing and mailing, via Corcentric’s network of print hubs, cuts out international postal delivery time. Economies of scale at dedicated printers ensure vast batches of invoices can be printed, inserted into envelopes, and posted more quickly than doing so in-house when using our invoice mailing service.

Migrate Customers to e-Invoicing

Supporting print and post for paper invoicing is only part of the story. Let us help you convert your customers to accept electronic invoice delivery via sign-up details delivered with their paper invoices. On average, you should realize over 80% conversion to e-invoicing within a few months.

Did you know?



documents are posted by
Corcentric EIPP each year.


in paper invoices sent
by Corcentric EIPP each year.



is the average conversion rate
to e-invoicing for our clients.

Source: Corcentric 2021

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