Sending e-Invoices (Electronic Invoices)

Send electronic invoices with more control, automation, and flexibility than any ERP system

Send e-Invoices, like a pro

Electronic invoicing is faster, more accurate, and more cost-efficient than traditional print and post invoicing. Small wonder it’s become the new standard. Whether you’re looking to deliver invoices directly via EDI or XML, over email, or in any other conceivable electronic format, outsource the complexity to Corcentric EIPP and manage this through one streamlined platform.

Reduce Costs

Electronic invoice delivery removes the time and cost of invoice printing and postage, including maintenance of printing machinery. E-invoice production is easily automated, eliminating manual processes and costs.

Increase Accuracy

Generate electronic invoices via a highly nuanced and dynamic service layer on top of your ERP system. No more accidental copy-paste errors or other invoicing mistakes. Automatically create invoices with 100% accuracy.

No More Manual Uploads

Say goodbye to manual keying, or uploading, of invoices into customers’ accounts payable portals. Corcentric EIPP can facilitate direct delivery, replacing manual uploads. Remove hours of manual re-keying and the associated risk of human error in online invoicing.

Ensure Delivery

Sending e-invoices, rather than paper, means they reach your customers wherever they are. Printed and posted invoices may languish in a mailroom when teams are working remotely; e-invoice delivery cuts though. End-to-end visibility of receipt, read, and payment status enable timely follow-up and exception handling.

Improve Cash Flow

Enable immediate online payment of invoices, reducing delays and delinquency. This improvement in cash flow results in greater working capital, enabling business growth and increased financial stability.

Migrate Customers to e-Invoicing

Humans resist change. It’s in our nature. There’s no point in having an e-invoicing solution used by too few customers. Let us help you convert your customers to accept electronic invoice delivery. We typically achieve over 80% conversion to e-invoicing within a few months.

Did you know?



e-invoices are sent by
Corcentric each year.


in electronic invoices sent
by Corcentric each year.



is the average conversion rate
to e-invoicing for our clients.

Source: Corcentric 2021

Global brands work with Corcentric EIPP to deliver their invoices electronically

How quickly could you
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One initial discovery call, minimal IT involvement,
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