Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Software

What is Procure-to-Pay
and how does it work?

Achieve frictionless purchasing, compliant
spend, and streamlined payments with
Corcentric Procure-to-Pay

“Procurement” is the name for both a department as well as the critical function it provides. It can also be called procure-to-pay, P2P, and purchase-to-pay. As the name suggests, the process includes a number of constituent components that when automated and optimized, let companies control spend, achieve purchasing compliance, and better manage the complete buying/PO/invoicing/payments/supplier process.

8 Ways Procurement Can Lead Business Resilience

Procure-to-Pay automation
accelerates the procurement cycle

Together, these procure-to-pay components comprise the entire process that procurement professionals use to obtain (i.e., purchase) materials, products, and/or services required for manufacturing or conducting business. In short, P2P is a set of solutions procurement can use to control spend in the organization as far downstream as managing payment transactions.

Procure-to-Pay software solutions seamlessly integrate data across procurement, accounts payable, and other systems, like your ERP. This creates a frictionless workflow process starting with supplier information to purchase requisition, purchase order, order receiving/fulfillment, invoicing, and payment/settlement.


Catalog Management

Centralize catalogs and items
into one simple interface

P2P catalog management integrates the internal/external catalog search experience to keep purchasing on-contract and on budget.

Corcentric Platform

Purchasing or Requisitioning

The easier the purchasing experience,
the more compliant your spend

Automate the purchase requisition/buying process and workflows to create efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Corcentric Procurement

Purchase Order Management

Save time and money by streamlining
procure-to-pay purchase orders (POs)

Going paperless with an automated purchase order process generates significant cost savings and reduces processing times.

Corcentric Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Accelerate invoice processing
productivity and payment

Automating P2P invoice management improves visibility across the workflow, increases control and accuracy, and eliminates manual process risk.

Corcentric Payments

Payments + Financing

Digitize P2P payments to
optimize your cash flow

Integrating e-payments into P2P means fast digital transfer of payments in real time from your systems directly into your suppliers.

Corcentric Digital Procurement Transformation

Digital Procurement Transformation

Make your procure-to-pay more
agile, responsive and resilient

Optimize processes at each stage of P2P and the supply chain to eliminate inefficiency and maximize results.

Corcentric Procurement Transformation

Transformation Services

Leverage your P2P automation software with experienced procurement professionals

Getting the most from P2P technology can benefit from expert procurement practitioners providing value-added process management.

Procure-to-Pay Optimization Success Starts Here

Corcentric White Paper: Procure-to-Pay Starter Kit Corcentric White Paper: Procure-to-Pay Starter Kit

Streamline, automate, and optimize your Procure-to-Pay process with an
advanced software solution that:

  • Lowers costs and improves working capital by ensuring that users are purchasing
    the right products and services from reliable suppliers at the best price.
  • Streamlines governance to improve buyer and supplier user satisfaction.
  • Enables business to become an agile organization that can grow and adapt as the business evolves.
  • Minimizes risks by ensuring compliance with organization and industry mandates.
  • Integrates procurement contract ecosystem for monitoring performance, compliance,
    and risk mitigation.

Trusted by customers worldwide to
transform their procure-to-pay

Achieve savings, control,
and efficiency across P2P

Talk to us about building a business case for
optimizing your procure-to-pay processes.

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