Realize the Benefits of Corcentric Procurement
160+ supplier programs
100s of procurement categories
1,400+ customers

For Your Fleet

Realize up to 20% yearly cost savings on fleet tires, parts, and supplies.

Fleet Procurement Services

Increase productivity and lower costs by optimizing your fleet’s life cycle.

Capital Equipment Solutions

For Your Warehouse

Save up to 35% on warehouse equipment, lift truck parts, and services.

Warehouse Management Services

For Your Everyday Business Needs

Get control of your indirect spend to minimize cost.

Indirect Spend Procurement

Gain insights into your spend profile and get actionable savings with Source One.

Spend Analysis Services

The power of a Group Purchasing Organization means better processes + savings through aggregated purchasing

More and more companies are working to get control of their procurement spend. Corcentric Procurement allows you to leverage the buying power of over a 800,000 unit truck fleet and an indirect spend sourcing department with $600 million in purchasing volume.

Kick-start Your Purchasing Power

Unlock Savings on Every Purchase

Corcentric Procurement helps you unlock savings with every purchase, from some of your largest capital equipment to your smallest everyday necessities, using our aggregated purchasing power. You get better pricing, more efficiency, and clearer visibility into your spend. It all adds up to dramatic savings for your organization – while making it easier to support more growth.

Source One, a Corcentric company, now offers consultative sourcing-related services and technology. Customers will get access to the industry-leading firm’s team of dedicated Supply Management consultants for industry insights, category expertise, and world-class solutions to drive your business forward.


Greater Savings

• Lower prices for the goods and services your business already purchases
• Simplified billing and payments

Increased Control

• Control of your suppliers without the burden of contract administration
• Less off-contract purchasing

Complete Visibility

• Better insight and knowledge of your company’s spend habits

Interested in Becoming a Corcentric Supplier?

Corcentric supplier partners benefit from exclusive access to our network of buyers, no credit risk (one monthly payment by Corcentric for all purchases), and a robust supplier marketing platform.

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How It Works

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