Optimize the return on your used assets

Your asset needs are continually changing in a dynamic transportation marketplace. As your needs change and you acquire and dispose of assets, the value of your used assets can also change in a relatively short period of time. These changes can be exacerbated by economic conditions, changing regulations, new technology, and changes in new equipment manufacturing volumes.

Corcentric relieves the burden of asset disposal.

Is disposing of used assets on your own really the best use of your staff’s time? Our remarketing specialists have decades of experience and our services help lower your total cost of ownership by optimizing the value of your used assets. To expand your market, we can sell your equipment domestically or in the international market. We are focused on maximizing YOUR return.

We provide:

  • Insightful planning – Our experts know the best time to start the disposal process based on variables like seasonality, anticipated price changes, shortages or surpluses, etc
  • Expert marketing and advertising – We know where buyers are looking to purchase used assets and what information they are looking for
  • Unrivalled database of qualified buyers – With more than 6,000 customers, we can communicate asset availability directly to the decision-makers
  • Managed sale execution – We handle all of the necessary paperwork, saving your staff hours of time and effort.

The bottom line is that we focus on your bottom line to get you the best price and fastest possible sale of your used assets, with almost no effort on your part.


Ready to take a proactive approach to optimizing the return on your used assets?

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