Report The CFO’s Guide to Automating Accounts Receivable

AR Technology is How CFOs Innovate Strategy

The CFT Guide to Automating Accounts Receivable

What the report covers:

The majority of CFOs see their primary role as managing cash and working capital. But they are often left confronting the challenges of paper-based processes, including lengthy Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), high overhead, and a lack of customer and sales analytics. In many cases, delays caused by paper invoicing alone represent about 60 percent of all AR costs.

E-invoicing resolves each of these issues and our new e-book explains how. “The CFO’s Guide to Automating Accounts Receivable” presents a clear path to accounts receivable automation and describes the benefits. Technology enables companies to analyze purchasing and payment patterns, and to create strategies based on real-time analyses. And that’s how today’s CFOs can best manage cash and working capital.

What you will learn:

  • Cloud-based solutions eliminate investment in equipment
  • 100% visibility into payment life cycle
  • Reallocation of staff
  • Outsourcing of credit & collections frees up resources