Date: 17 July 2024
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM BST

Are you wondering if AI can truly resolve the intricate challenges CFOs face in today’s fast-paced business landscape? Join our upcoming webinar to discover why AI, while powerful, may not be the standalone solution you need for effective AR management.

AI offers significant capabilities, enhancing efficiency and data processing. However, unlocking its full potential requires integrating AI with human expertise, robust processes, advanced technology, and strategic funding solutions. At Corcentric, we believe that the real impact comes from a comprehensive approach that combines these elements, delivering the most effective results for your AR operations.

During this session, we will explore:

  • The Limitations of AI Alone: Understand why AI needs to be complemented with expert guidance and strategic processes to address the full complexities of AR.
  • Integrated Solutions: Learn how combining AI with Corcentric’s Managed AR services creates a more resilient and effective AR strategy.
  • Real-World Success: Discover case studies demonstrating how integrated AR solutions outperform AI-alone approaches in real business scenarios.

Don’t just invest in technology—invest in a solution that harnesses the strengths of AI alongside dedicated AR management to transform your financial operations.

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Lee Allen, Senior Vice President, Global Sales – O2C

Lee has over 25 years of sales and management experience in tech-based business-to-business environments. An active contributor to the Accounting and Finance profession, he speaks regularly at forums, trade fairs, and exhibitions and produces thought leadership pieces for trade magazines and websites.

Dan Wells, Founder & CEO, GrowCFO

Dan is an ex-KPMG Big Four equity partner and was previously an audit engagement partner at Deloitte. Dan has significant experience of delivering senior finance function roles and has also provided audit and advisory services to startups, scaleups and large corporations in numerous locations, including the UK, Europe, US, Africa and Middle East.

Dan has worked with finance leaders for over 20 years and loves helping talented individuals to climb the career ladder. Becoming a CFO is incredibly challenging and his career aspiration is to create world-class community-led CFO training programs and support networks. These ensure that you will never feel lonely or unsupported in your role.

Dan meets with dozens of finance leaders on a weekly basis to help overcome their biggest challenges, covering a wide range of topics including soft skills, leadership, imposter syndrome, communication, relationship building, gravitas, influencing, personal brand, resilience, value enhancement and impact. He regularly participates in public speaking events, chairing webinars and facilitating workshops, and is a leading commentator in the CFO profession.