Optical Components and Assemblies

Optical Components & Assemblies Cost Reduction Services

Corcentric’s engineers and procurement experts help global companies reduce costs and enhance quality in the complex optics spend category.

Sourcing optical instrumentation and components of the right quality and at the right price can present a daunting challenge due to the technical and seemingly custom nature of the product base. Your company’s requirements may necessitate a combination of catalog or off-the-shelf components – with value-adds such as custom coatings, or completely custom made-to-order components and assemblies. You may require optical assemblies and components for highly specialized applications such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), laser-microscopy, neuroscience, medical imaging instrumentation, etc.

With our Science and Engineering backgrounds and industry specific knowledge, Corcentric’s optics cost savings team can help. Our subject matter experts can identify critical specifications and utilize a database of market intelligence to streamline finding the right strategic partner and building long term mutually advantageous relationships – all at prices your company can afford.

Corcentric’s optics experts possess a broad range of experience in managing quality and costs for all the following optics commodity groups:

  • Lenses, (plano, spherical, aspheric)
  • Lens assemblies
  • Mirrors
  • Prisms
  • Filters / diffusers (bandpass)
  • Beamsplitters (dichroic)
  • Photomasks
  • Custom coatings ( Anti-Reflective (AR) )
  • Opto-mechanical assemblies
  • Opto-electrical assemblies

Our team’s budget-optimizing process begins by identifying opportunities for spend consolidation and savings. To do this, our experts analyze your current optics components and assemblies spend and supply base to produce the “baseline,” which includes the classification of parts along with their historic ordering and delivery patterns, as well as supply base profiling, qualification, and expansion opportunities. Next, Corcentric calls upon its expertise, scientific background, and history of success in collaborating with Engineering departments to gather, and improve technical specifications. Then, our quality and cost optimization experts leverage the Corcentric database and network to identify optical component suppliers who possess the required capabilities and necessary materials (e.g., glass and glass types), and who clearly demonstrate the qualitative standards appropriate for your unique product.

Technical Specifications, including:

  • Specification / drawing grouping by assembly
  • File cleansing (STEP, IGES, DWG, SLDPRT)
  • BOM cleansing, creation, and component manufacturer identification
  • CAD/CAM/Optical Design verification (Zemax, OSLO, AutoCAD, SolidWorks)

Materials, including:

  • O’Hara
  • Schott
  • CDGM
  • Hoya
  • Acrylics
  • Fused Silica

Standards, Including:

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 13485
  • ITAR
  • Medical Device and FDA Registration
  • Incoming inspection, verification, or certification of melt data

After verifying and compiling a complete set of bid package documentation, we submit an RFx to the incumbent and alternate optical materials suppliers. We then facilitate the entire response submission, price validation, and market assessment activities – finally delivering to you the best-fit optics supplier(s) as well as recommendations for best-in-class terms and conditions.

Apart from the end-to-end standard strategic sourcing process for optics, Corcentric has a variety of a la carte service offerings to fit your cost reduction needs in the optical components category:

  • Supplier Identification
  • Domestic manufacturing facilities fabricators
  • Domestic with overseas facilities to reduce manufacturing costs
  • High-mix / low volume, or high volume manufacturing
  • Low-Cost Country Regionalization reporting
  • Outsourcing and sub-contracting of development and manufacturing services
  • Optimization of batch sizes to increase production efficiency
  • Engineering design and value added services

Our engineers and sourcing experts can also work with your optics suppliers and your internal team to develop project plans for incoming inspection and validation, track the ECO/MCO process, and phase in new optics suppliers through cut-in forecasting and tracking. For continued improvements and manufacturing value-adds, we also match the VMI and fulfillment needs to the capabilities of the supplier from same day / next day shipping to inventory consignment / hold agreements and JIT / Kanban systems

Sourcing these complex direct materials at the best price can be a very challenging undertaking, with your procurement team tasked to make sense of all the catalog and custom designed optical components and assemblies available. Trust our team of engineers and optical assemblies and components experts to help you identify the best possible products, from the best possible providers, at the best possible price. Contact our optics category cost savings experts today.