Human Resources Information Systems Strategic Sourcing

HRIS and HRMS Platform Strategic Sourcing and Cost Reduction Services from Corcentric

With unmatched experience in both Human Resources and Information Technology – Corcentric’s Cost Reduction Team achieves superior strategic sourcing results for Human Resources Information Systems / Human Resources Management Systems.

Technology is a critical, inescapable enabler of modern business – but there will always be the Human element. These two ideas converge in the Information Technology systems that Human Resources professionals utilize to serve their employees. HR professionals must navigate utilizing IT shared services for critical HR processes, while maintaining the balance of priorities across departments for the makeup of these shared services. But finding the right Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) – without incurring heavy costs and process headaches – is a challenge for both HR and Procurement.

Corcentric’s Human Resources IT Systems experts can help.  Our cost reduction team understands the complexities and challenges of the human resources IT environment, and we provide the strategic sourcing expertise to proactively mitigate or avoid these HR and IT challenges, understand HR requirements, and recommend implementable strategies to reduce spend and better manage technology, services, and suppliers.

Human Resources Software Sourcing

HR is very reliant on often heavily integrated software tools to support processes from time and labor management, to compensation management, recruitment, talent management (TMS), learning management (LMS), HR analytics, and more. Corcentric’s HR Strategic Sourcing team helps clients make more informed purchasing decisions related to their Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)/Human Capital Management (HCM) and related needs.

Our Services for HR Software Sourcing include:

  • Market Intelligence: Corcentric’s HR IT experts focus efforts into understanding current market trends and can help develop roadmaps to ensure that your HR solution is architected for future growth.
  • Incumbent Negotiations: Corcentric’s HRIS cost reduction team can leverage its market intelligence to identify what is attainable in a negotiation with your incumbent supplier from a pricing, terms and conditions, and service level perspective.
  • Sourcing Strategy: Our HRMS procurement experts can help you to define your requirements and by drafting and administering an RFI and/or RFP, completing a competitive analysis, assisting with negotiations, and change management.
  • Consolidation: Whether your challenge is managing disparate systems cobbled together over time or integrated across mergers and acquisitions, Corcentric’s HR software cost reduction team can help to identify opportunities to consolidate multiple HR tools to realize cost savings, ease of use, and consistency.
  • Benchmarking: Corcentric’s HR Software Strategic sourcing experts provide custom benchmark reporting to measure your software licensing and support costs against the contracts of your peers and competitors.
  • Project Management: Corcentric’s Project Management Experts can assist your complex HR technology initiatives by providing skilled and certified Project Mangers to coordinate activities across HR software implementation workstreamsand  help ensure the end-results, business outcomes, and desired benefits are achieved

Don’t spend any more time wondering if you can achieve better control in the HR Software category. Contact Corcentric’s HRIS/HRMS strategic sourcing experts today to begin reducing costs and enhancing your HR IT performance.