Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A) Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction Solutions for Sales, General, and Administration (SG&A) Expenses

Corcentric’s cost reduction team provides SG&A expense solutions to minimize costs associated with running a business for every organization.

Although the cycle of economic growth and downturn is no new principle to any organization, many still fail to fully adapt themselves to the ongoing series. Rather than launching cost-cutting initiatives as a reactive measure to economic lulls, companies can stand to best benefit by proactively managing spend, specifically within their Selling, General, and Administrative (SG&A) expenses.

Corcentric’s indirect spend management consultants understand the importance of sustainable cost reduction and can help your organization implement budget optimizing strategies for your non-product related expenses. While SG&A appears on every company’s income statement, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes reducing SG&A costs. For sustainable results, Corcentric’s SG&A spend management experts comprehensively assess your how your business’s model influences the framework of your SG&A expenses and define your requirements related to your non-product related spend categories such as Marketing, Facilities Maintenance,  Office Equipment, and other operational costs. In collaboration with your key department stakeholders, our Corcentric’s indirect spend cost reduction team will develop and implement customized SG&A strategic sourcing strategies from supplier identification, through RFP administration, to contacting and negotiations.

SG&A sourcing can be difficult to approach, as these categories often go overlooked due a perceived lack of cost reduction options. With over 20 years of experience delivering indirect spend management solutions, Corcentric’s SG&A cost reduction experts can demonstrate opportunities to reduce costs throughout your operations. As leaders in delivering indirect spend management solutions and SG&A cost reduction for our clients, Corcentric can help you achieve sustainable savings by:

Allow Corcentric’s S&A cost reduction experts to help you navigate through the obstacles associated with Selling, General, and Administrative expenses. These indirect operational areas of your organization are just as crucial to manage as the expenses associated with manufacturing your product or delivering your service.  Corcentric’s SG&A strategic sourcing professionals possess the experience and background to develop an approach that is both unique to your business and produces sustainable SG&A cost reduction.

Contact our SG&A cost reduction experts today to learn more about how Corcentric can help you optimize your SG&A budget.