Indirect Materials

Corcentric is a leader in its field when it comes to procurement consulting solutions for indirect materials and services.  We have unmatched experience sourcing indirect supply categories such as Facilities Maintenance, Logistics, CAPEX, Office Supplies, Packaging, and more.  We can help your business to attain both hard- and soft-dollar savings in virtually any branch of indirect spend.

Benefits and Insurance

Our dedicated team members have years of experience sourcing employee benefits and insurance from suppliers all over the country.  Corcentric can help you to reduce costs associated with retirement, risk management, and other sections of spend rooted in insurance/benefits.

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Capital Expenses (CAPEX)

At Corcentric, we understand the importance of facility build-outs, infrastructure/equipment upgrades, and all types of capital expenditure.  We help our clients to reduce the equipment and service costs associated with capital expense projects, while still taking extra care to satisfy the overall vision of the management team.

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Chemicals & Polymer Sourcing

Corcentric has years of experience strategically procuring chemicals and polymers.  We know that in a specification driven spend category such as this, it is important to cultivate healthy supplier relationships. We can use our specialized services to ensure that your company is purchasing chemicals from the best supplier at the best price.

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Claims Recovery Services

Corcentric can help insurance companies to establish competitive pricing that results in high claims recovery levels and fair costs.  We can offer valuable procurement support in the form of custom insurance industry benchmarking, identification of competitive providers, and rate negotiations.  At Corcentric, we are committed to optimizing your claims recovery operation.

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Credit Card & Merchant Accounts

Using our valuable market intelligence, Corcentric can help your business to reduce merchant account costs and credit card processing fees.  Our knowledgeable procurement consulting team can help negotiate mark-up reductions and drastically improve merchant account processes, in order to attain optimal rates.

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Facilities Maintenance

Corcentric can help your business strategically and effectively source providers of facilities maintenance services.  From janitorial services, to grounds keeping, to industrial clean-up, we can develop the ideal facilities maintenance program for your company’s needs.  Our team is dedicated to reducing maintenance and repair costs while maintaining safety, comfort, and service levels.

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Fleet Management Strategic Sourcing

No two fleet operations are alike – each possessing their own fuel, maintenance, and repair requirements. Our fleet cost-reduction experts understand the complexities within fleet management and can help you strategically source the right vehicle providers and services for your unique needs.  Whether you’re seeking alternative fuel options, weighing your options between leasing or outright buying your fleet, or wanting to implement a telematics system, our experts will help you define your fleet requirements and develop a go-to-market strategy to optimize your fleet budget.

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Freight & Logistics Sourcing

Corcentric can provide your business with the necessary resources to achieve optimal price points for freight and small package shipping services.  We help our clients to achieve savings for both domestic and international logistics services.  Moreover, we can implement efficient payment processes and methods for all of your freight and shipping expenditures.

Find out how we can optimize your Freight and Logistics spend.

Human Resources Services

At Corcentric, we can conduct strategic sourcing initiatives and custom benchmarking events in order to optimize your company’s HR procurement.  In particular, we are dedicated to helping your Human Resources team increase employee engagement, reduce administrative costs, devise strategies, and set/manage HR goals.

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Information Technology (IT)

Corcentric is committed to optimizing our clients’ IT procurement practices and attaining the best possible value.  We have extensive experience managing the Information Technology spend category.  Our team is more than capable of achieving high levels of savings in the IT category, while also improving supplier relationships and implementing high-quality products/services.

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Marketing, Advertising & Media Buying

At Corcentric, our team of marketing category experts can help your business to develop a clear, creative, unique image while maintaining an awareness of price and industry shifts.  Within the marketing category, we can help to balance creativity, product differentiation, and customer loyalty with timeliness and cost-effectiveness.

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Corcentric has conducted countless sourcing events in the MRO spend category for dozens of clients.  By leveraging our proprietary market intelligence and our far-reaching internal database, we can quickly assess your current MRO spend, establish an industry benchmark, and help to implement advanced strategies and processes to optimize your supply chain.

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Office Equipment

Corcentric can help your business to streamline your office equipment sourcing processes.  We work with our clients to standardize the procurement process for copiers, printers, computers, servers, and other office equipment in order to achieve savings, while continuing to meet their unique functionality requirements.

Learn more about how Corcentric can optimize your Office Equipment supply chain.

Office Supplies

Corcentric’s strategic sourcing services for office supplies will provide your business with a custom solution that meets your specific needs and specifications.  The strategic sourcing experts at Corcentric can help you to achieve savings on various office supplies including paper, toner, furniture, custom products, and more.

Learn more about our procurement strategies for office supplies.

Packaging Sourcing

The qualified professionals at Corcentric can assist your procurement team with sourcing high quality, cost-effective packaging from a large database of qualified suppliers.  Our packaging category experts have experience with sourcing cartons, labels, films, containers, corrugated packaging, and more.

Find out how Corcentric can help to address your packaging procurement needs.

Professional Services Sourcing

As a professional service provider, Corcentric knows how valuable and necessary such suppliers can be to a company’s success.  At Corcentric, we can help clients to expand relationships with current suppliers, as well as identify new, qualified professional services firms that are a good fit.  Our goal is to help our clients maintain a competitive advantage, by ensuring that they are receiving the best professional services for their dollar.

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Sustainability & Eco Friendly

At Corcentric, we can use our knowledge of various industries and markets to address our clients’ sustainability needs.  More and more, environmental awareness and regulations are affecting businesses.  The Corcentric team can help your organization to implement a cost-effective sustainability program, whether through renewable energy, waste reduction, or some other eco-friendly initiative.

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Telecom & Wireless

Corcentric offers its clients a wide array of strategic sourcing solutions for Telecom/Wireless, including spend analysis, benchmarking, category management, cost reduction, and other services.  We have a team of wireless communications experts who can analyze your entire telecommunications infrastructure, and provide valuable insight to foster supply chain improvement.

Discover how Corcentric can optimize your telecom infrastructure.

Travel Sourcing

Corcentric can help your company to manage its travel expenses.  We can help you to implement a comprehensive travel program that doesn’t break the bank.  Our team of dedicated consultants is committed to finding you the highest quality travel services at the best possible price.

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Utilities, Gas, & Electric

At Corcentric, with the help of proprietary market intelligence and years of hands-on experience, we are able to achieve cost reduction for utilities, including electricity, natural gas, propane, oil, and other energy sources.  We are constantly tracking the utilities market; therefore, we can provide our clients with valuable market insight in order to achieve maximum value when sourcing utilities and energy.

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