According to a recent Aberdeen study, 85% of telecom invoices are not audited although 7-12% of all charges are in error. Don’t become a telecom statistic.

Telecommunications is one of the largest and poorly managed spend categories at most companies. Collaboration between IT and Telecom departments and Strategic Sourcing and Procurement has been a low priority in most organizations, but it’s critical for these companies to be able to ensure services meet or exceed requirements. Corcentric’s telecom strategic sourcing and telecommunications expense reduction services help your business maintain low costs while paving the way for future improvements and technology adoptions.

Our contingency-based strategic sourcing teams have been providing telecom spend management, telecommunications cost reduction, telecom benchmarking, and telecommunications procurement services for more than two decades, covering categories like:

Corcentric provides comprehensive telecom and wireless telecom spend management solutions to organizations of all sizes

Our telecom strategic sourcing team works hand-in-hand with our clients to identify best-fit telecommunications services and suppliers to their unique requirements. Our telecom sourcing team’s objective is to provide clients with the information they need to make decisions that will accelerate the realization of short-term benefits while maintaining flexibility to accomplish long-term objectives – all while keeping both financial and operational concern at top of mind.

Get results with Corcentric’s Telecom Strategic Sourcing

Unlike other telecom sourcing and procurement consultants, Corcentric stays involved in the daily management of your telecommunications spend. Our telecom sourcing team actively audits your telecommunication bills to ensure that the carriers are invoicing accurately and that changes to your infrastructure do not negatively impact your budget. Our telecom expense management and telecommunications management BPO options ensure that your organization can sustain these cost reduction efforts long after we are done with a minimum burden on your internal management resources.

Telecom consulting

Corcentric can provide you with an analysis of your total telecommunications infrastructure (voice and data services) as it stands today. We then provide you with recommendations to improve your infrastructure, technology, bandwidth, pricing, and overall ordering and management policies. Our experienced team understands the importance of your network and will help you develop the greatest level of service while maintaining the lowest costs.

TEM software

It’s hard to justify full-time resources to manage telephones and telecommunications services. It’s even harder to manage complex networks without the proper tools. Corcentric can provide and implement a state-of-the-art telecom expense management system to help you with the daily management and cost allocation of your network infrastructure.

TEM Software solution

Telecom MPLS services

Corcentric is experienced in negotiating and managing MPLS network implementations. Our team will ensure that your MPLS project is successful.

Wireless and Cellular Spend Management

Wireless communications, such as cell phones, smartphones, and air cards, have become an essential requirement for most modern businesses. Unfortunately, the wireless carriers make it difficult to manage multiple plans, users, and devices, let alone attempt to reduce their costs.

Corcentric offers a full suite of wireless cost reduction solutions to help get a handle on your wireless spending.

Wireless Expense Management


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