We help you drive savings, compliance and efficiency from operational to strategic sourcing

Your sourcing process should be robust, efficient and, most important, simple and stress free. Our e-sourcing software solution helps meet your specific business goals, lower costs, reduce cycle time, collect and analyze data, leverage best practices, ensure stakeholder participation, and gain visibility into sourcing workflows across your organization.

Being strategic and proactive in your sourcing activities is key to transforming your business. Digitizing processes that used to be paper-based and manual streamlines your operations to improve savings identification, increase collaboration, build stronger supplier relationships, and provide an uninterrupted flow of real-time information throughout the entire workflow.

This sourcing optimization software also contains templates for multiple sourcing types including RFI, RFQ, RFP, and e-auction, empowering you to find suppliers and obtain bids or quotes quickly and easily. Just as critical, you have access to expert help from our representatives when needed. So do more than just run sourcing events: go deeper and convert your activities into actionable decisions…and bottom-line impact.

Increase Efficiency

Automate sourcing activities and eliminate manual processes that slow your team down.

Solicit More Proposals

Source more compelling proposals without more manual effort from your team.

Drive Value

Use advanced tools and analytics functionality to recognize your true savings potential.

RFx Management

Drive sourcing efficiencies by using preconfigured sourcing templates that support your organization when negotiating cost savings through the utilization of bid optimization and leveraging of supplier data and performance.


Make your competitive sourcing toolbox as robust as possible by utilizing a variety of auction types which result in full visibility and ensure you get the best price.

Bid Analysis + Award

Analyze bids against constraints and build multiple scenarios, generating more informed insights. Comparing contract awards against select criteria lets you optimize price while spreading risk for various events.

It’s time to get more strategic with your sourcing

Did you know?


of total addressable spend in 2019 was competitively sourced by procurement departments.


of procurement leaders believe that gaining earlier engagement on sourcing projects is the single largest opportunity.


of organizations have automated Sourcing or Auction technology.


Drive Efficiencies and Compliance

Take sourcing from “three bids and a buy” to sustainable bottom-line impact

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