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Bottom-line impact starts at the beginning with Corcentric Sourcing

From strategic to operational sourcing, we help you drive savings, compliance, and process efficiency

When conducting sourcing activities, whether strategic or operational, flexibility is needed to enable sourcing to be robust yet easy-to-use. Corcentric’s Sourcing solution gives you collection and analysis capabilities to optimize supplier awarding that meets business requirements, lowers total costs, reduces cycle time, ensures stakeholder participation, and leverages best practices. All while gaining visibility into sourcing initiatives across your organization.


Accelerated Efficiency

Would eliminating manual processes help streamline and accelerate your sourcing?



Does your team struggle to design the best approach for soliciting compelling proposals?


Missed Opportunities

How much savings potential are you missing through lack of advanced tools?

Harmonize Supplier Risk Data for Source-to-Pay

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RFx Management

Drive sourcing efficiencies by using preconfigured sourcing templates that support your organization when negotiating cost savings through the utilization of bid optimization and leveraging of supplier data and performance.



Make your competitive sourcing toolbox as robust as possible by utilizing a variety of auction types which result in full visibility and ensure you get the best price.

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Bid Analysis + Award

Analyze bids against constraints and build multiple scenarios, generating more informed insights. Comparing contract awards against select criteria lets you optimize price while spreading risk for various events.

Drive Efficiencies and Compliance

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Did you know?


of total addressable spend in 2019 was competitively sourced by procurement departments.


of procurement leaders believe that gaining earlier engagement on sourcing projects is the single largest opportunity.


of organizations have automated Sourcing
or Auction technology.


Take sourcing beyond
“three bids and a buy”

Learn how Corcentric can help you do more than just run sourcing
events and convert your activities into sustainable bottom-line impact.

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