Accounts Payable

Unlock the strategic value of AP.

COR360 Invoice Processing & Automation: Six Components


Automate your entire purchase-to-pay cycle for easier purchasing and faster invoice processing.

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Electronic Purchase Order

Automate your PO requisition processes for built-in best practices and increased efficiency.

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Eliminate paper with electronic invoicing and benefit from an end-to-end accounts payable workflow solution

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Invoice Processing

Accelerate your invoice approval time with three-way matching, SmartRouting, and straight through processing

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ERP Integration

Deploy seamless, two-way data exchange between your ERP and COR360 – with minimal IT involvement.

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Electronic Payments

Streamline and automate the last step in the invoice chain with our Automated Clearing House.

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Accounts Payable
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COR360 AP automation streamlines purchasing and supplier invoice processing.

Our COR360 AP workflow solution helps companies swap the complexity and friction of paper-based, manual invoice processing for the efficiency and ease of a digital, automated system.

Use the COR360 SaaS platform to manage 100% of your invoices, whether you’re a small organization or a multi-national Fortune 500 company.

Save time and money by eliminating manual processing tasks and do more to grow your business thanks to smart AP automation.

The benefits

  • Faster processes & reduced bottlenecks
  • Clear cash flow management
  • Shared insight through easy integration with suppliers
  • Secure document trail for SOX and internal audit compliance
  • Analytics transparency with easy-to-read dashboards
  • Staff free to focus on strategic business growth

Why Today’s Businesses Need AP Software

Businesses have to find a way to get ahead of all the inefficiency and cost lurking in the background, and a well-run accounts payable process is one sure way to do that.

Technology has made accounts payable automation an industry standard, as well as an exciting opportunity to achieve steady cash flow, visibility into financial status, and healthy supplier relationships. Take it a step further; best-in-class solutions enable executives to make smarter decisions about their company’s costs and forecasts … generating revenue, growth, and innovation.

Electronic invoice processing with reliable AP automation software gives companies confidence that invoices are paid on time, recorded accurately, and never misplaced or duplicated.

The transformation that occurs with accounts payable solutions translates to savings in time and cost, as well as 100% visibility into outgoing payments. When there’s greater transparency into invoices and payments, executives can see where money is being spent. They have the knowledge they need to eliminate the bloat of unnecessary payments and reduce the cost of growth.

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