ERP Integration

Seamlessly exchange data between your ERP system and Corcentric.

Integrate with any existing ERP system quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to go paperless without making any changes to your existing accounts payable system.

What is ERP integration?

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP), you need to break down barriers between business units so that you achieve cash flow visibility and process efficiency across the entire organization. Especially with accounts payable, it’s important to link seamlessly to the flow of capital in and out of the organization.

Corcentric provides a simple file share approach that syncs with your existing ERP system for easy integration. You get all the services and functions your AP department needs without the obstacles of typical ERP integration. We eliminate the need for significant involvement from IT, the lengthy implementation process, and the potential breaches of security that arise from open portals on your network, through which many AP automation solutions read the tables in your ERP system. Our cloud-based solution is ERP-agnostic.

Efficiency • Accuracy • Controlled Cost

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Why Corcentric’s ERP software?

Get all the benefits you need from your AP automation solution without the need for full ERP integration. Corcentric enables you to transfer data to and from your financial systems with seamless ERP connectors that don’t strain your IT resources.

Whether it’s Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, or other ERP applications, Corcentric supports your ERP through simple export files and scripts to automatically export and import the files. You get a solution that gives you all the benefits of a fully integrated ERP system without the drawbacks of fully integrated ERP, which can include risk from giving a third party direct access to your ERP system and the cost of ongoing upgrades. Additionally, when it comes time to upgrade your ERP, Corcentric only requires a simple modification, which means there’s no disruption in your invoice approval process.

Corcentric works with your ERP system:

  • Less time to implement
  • Minimal investment and minimal involvement from IT
  • Less time to comply with ERP upgrades
  • Seamless synchronization of data between Corcentric and the ERP
  • Elimination of data entry to post invoices into your ERP
  • Complete validation of data prior to integrating to the ERP
  • Control file validation to ensure data passed between Corcentric and the ERP is complete
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