Accounts Receivable

Building the five pillars of B2B commerce

CorConnect AR automation cuts complexity from your B2B ecosystem.

CorConnect lubricates the flow of data and transactions through closed communities of buyers and sellers operating complex billing programs.

Our financial systems shoulder risk and give you full visibility of every data exchange. CorConnect gives manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, and associations instant access to a host of business benefits.

  • Digitized & automated transactions
  • Outsourced credit and collections management
  • Flexible financial management
  • End to end Accounts Receivable & Payable processing
  • Dispute management and resolution
  • Reporting analytics
  • Working capital management

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Accounts Payable
80% reduction in invoice processing costs
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Accounts Receivable
100% visibility across your network
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CorConnect: Five Pillars

Transaction Engine

Get your transaction collaboration powerhouse standardizing and sharing error-free transaction data in real time

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Transaction Experts

Access the B2B transaction experts: currently handling transactions
worth over $12.2 billion from over 30,000 buyers and sellers.

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Channel Finance

Pay your distributors quickly, reduce risks and free up the team to focus on the core business.

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Transaction Analytics

Centralize your transaction data and take advantage of regular
analytical reports for better decision-making and strategic planning

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Transaction Community

Advance your private commerce network and get everything you need
to manage your community of electronically-connected buyers and sellers

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Everybody wins in a Corcentric-enabled channel:

Your Company

  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced credit risk admin
  • Business intelligence insight

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Your Channel

  • Outsourced credit risk
  • Optimized order-to-cash
  • Simplified invoicing / ordering

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Your End Customer

  • Centralized billing
  • Consistent, accurate pricing
  • Spend management

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