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Corcentric EIPP: Easier invoicing +
faster payments = improved cash flow.

When cash flow is top of mind (and it should always be), shifting to Corcentric EIPP — Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment — accelerates your entire invoice-to-cash cycle, seamlessly and risk-free. EIPP makes it fast and easy to invoice customers the way they want, while also simplifying electronic payment. Along the way, you have real-time visibility of invoicing status, delivery, read and payment notification. And total confidence.

Manual Processes

Do slow, manual processes make it impossible (and expensive) to handle customer billing volumes and frequencies?

Accepting Payments

Does accepting simple electronic payments — credit, debit, and bank transfers — present issues?

Distribution Needs

Are multi-channel distribution needs, such as EDI, Postal, Portal, Email and Fax, creating roadblocks to efficiency?

Reduced Costs

Electronic invoicing removes postage costs, paper consumption, manual preparation time, and the cost of equipment used in the printing and posting process. Corcentric EIPP is an outsourced process, priced on delivery volume, presenting ongoing cost savings without the need for high upfront investment.

Improved Cash Flow

Electronic invoicing and payments enable faster payments, reducing hassle and delinquency, resulting in greater working capital and free cash flow, enabling business growth, and increased financial stability.

Business Resilience

E-delivery ensures invoices reach your customers wherever they are. Corcentric EIPP centralize your invoicing workflow through a high availability platform for maximum business resilience.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline invoicing status reporting and auditing to just a few clicks. Access securely from anywhere. Automate repetitive manual invoicing processes, freeing up your accounts receivable teams to focus on more profitable activities.

More Control Over Credit Collection

Transform invoicing processes with EIPP results in real-time visibility of invoicing status – including delivery, read, and payment notifications providing actionable insights to support credit controllers in reducing late payments, exceptions, and disputes. Corcentric integrates with credit collection software to achieve seamless and secure access to sensitive documents and expedite credit collection.

Compliance and Ease of Auditing

Corcentric EIPP assists tax and other regulatory compliance through digital signatures and online record keeping. The admin console simplifies searching and analyzing e-invoice files, making auditing far easier. Meet the growing range of EDI and electronic invoicing requirements across the globe.

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