Building Best-in-Class: Procurement Organizational Structure Assessment and Redesign Services

As companies change in size, Procurement and other departments need to evolve with them.  Too often, rapid growth or downsizing leaves Procurement inefficiently staffed and structured.   Corcentric’s Procurement Transformation experts deliver Procurement Organization Assessment and Redesign services that optimize your internal team to meet company-wide goals.

Procurement groups are far from the tactical purchasing units they used to be.  They’ve evolved into proactive, strategic agents for change across enterprises. Procurement’s full value, however, can only be realized with a proper-fit organizational structure that matches the enterprise’s particular size, industry, and objectives.

Without the right Procurement organizational structure and supply management staffing, Procurement’s impact in the form of cost reduction strategies, savings compliance monitoring, and supplier relationship management efforts suffer.  Procurement’s productivity and efficiency depend on an effective Procurement Organizational structure with concrete roles, definitive procurement career paths, managerial engagement, and the proper allocation of resources.

Corcentric’s Procurement Organizational Assessment and Redesign experts have defined excellence in Supply Management and Strategic Sourcing since 1992.  In that time, we’ve conducted countless strategic sourcing and procurement optimization initiatives for countless clients in dozens of industries. Our Procurement Transformation experts are uniquely qualified to assess your Procurement department’s organization and provide redesign recommendations that will optimize your supply management operations for both short and long-term value gains.  We know what distinguishes a great Procurement team and we’re prepared to help yours achieve greatness with customized Procurement organizational assessment and redesign strategies.

Procurement Organizational Assessment

Before introducing strategies for maximizing Procurement’s impact within your organization, Corcentric’s experts will take a holistic look at your Procurement’s operations, structure, and performance: 

Redesigning Procurement Organizational Structure

Once the Procurement organizational structure assessment is complete, we’ll develop a plan for maximizing its impact throughout your company.  We never provide boilerplate procurement solutions. We customize every Procurement Redesign recommendation to best serve our clients’ specific supply management objectives:

In a newly efficient Procurement organization, employees will grow more engaged with their work and feel motivated to produce lasting results.  As employee engagement improves, Procurement’s sourcing strategies will simultaneously become more effective and strategic.  Procurement’s improved performance will inspire cross-department collaboration and pave the way for Procurement to accept a more prominent role within your organization.

Are you ready to start assessing and redesigning your Procurement more effectively?