Every industry has its specific needs and challenges when it comes to sourcing, procurement, and supplier management; At Corcentric, we've had experience in all of them since 1992

For more than three decades, Corcentric has provided companies in all industries with the knowledge and expertise required to reduce costs and gain control of spend. Using an adaptable, flexible suite of procurement outsourcing, real-time market intelligence research, strategic sourcing, spend management services, and subject-matter experts on staff, Corcentric adds unparalleled buying power and resources to client sourcing and procurement operations. Corcentric’s team of sourcing experts understands the importance of unique cultural and operational aspects of industries and companies and works with internal stakeholders to identify suppliers who can meet direct and indirect spend needs.

Agriculture and Farming

In the challenging agriculture industry, agribusinesses routinely fight daily operating costs while ensuring high quality and safe products are being provided to customers who refuse to pay high prices. Increasing foreign competition and regulatory challenges means agricultural firms must increase internal cost savings efforts. Corcentric’s subject matter experts can help agribusinesses increase their efficiencies and savings using our expertise in all indirect and direct spend categories.

Join leading Agriculture and Farming companies such as Westway Feed Products in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Decentralization and underinvestment in procurement has banks and financial institutions facing challenges in reducing operating costs. High write-downs, liquidity pressures, and tighter credit standards are encouraging banks and financial institutions to concentrate on internal cost savings. Utilizing a proven strategic sourcing process and subject-matter expertise, Corcentric helps banks and financial institutions reduce non-compensation expenses and improve infrastructures, driving savings, and encouraging high performance.

Join leading Bank and Financial Institutions such as Amalgamated Bank, First Tech Federal Credit Union, and General Atlantic in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Construction Firms

Construction companies, developers, and builders are facing unique organizational challenges on decreased budgets. Changing environmental and housing trends means construction companies must meet these new challenges in order to stay competitive. Corcentric’s subject-matter expertise in sourcing direct and indirect spend categories is helping construction companies increase savings and efficiency without sacrificing quality materials and service.

Join leading Construction firms such as Balfour Beatty, Lennar, Madison Concrete Construction, and O&G Industries in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG companies must meet the demands of their value-driven customer base and stay ahead of aggressive challengers in the marketplace while working with a multitude of suppliers looking to increase prices to make their accounts more valuable. Private label brand products and rising costs have cut into CPG companies’ margins, making the need for strategic sourcing paramount. Corcentric provides the necessary specialists and resources needed to manage spend and increase efficiency for the CPG industry.

Join leading Consumer Packaged Goods companies such as Gorton’s and WhiteWave Foods in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Defense Contractors

Defense contractors face unique organizational challenges, especially in an era of decreased government spending. Rapidly changing competition, slower movement in defense projects, and mazes of complex regulations have forced military contractors to focus on internal costs without sacrificing a high-quality product. Corcentric’s cost reduction specialists have broad subject-matter expertise, which can help defense companies as they look to increase savings in their direct and indirect spend categories.

Join leading Defense Contractors such as Orbital ATK and L-3 Communications in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Education Institutions

Education funding cuts and increased requirements and regulations have caused greater budget cuts, higher operational expenses, and decreased resources to pay for the people, technology, and equipment needed to keep educational institutions running. The backlash at increased tuition has forced college and university financial leaders to use alternative methods to relieve their budgets. Corcentric is able to leverage higher education buying power, working in tandem with in-house staff to achieve maximum spend savings.

Join leading Education Institutions such as Lincoln Educational Services, Los Angeles Community Colleges, and the University of Pennsylvania in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Intense competition and expanding product portfolios require food and beverage manufacturers to sustain thin profit margins. Challenges of global market expansion, quality maintenance, and product development costs require supply base examination to find savings while maintaining product consistency. Corcentric has specific experience with food and beverage manufacturers, negotiating millions of dollars in cost savings for hundreds of direct and indirect spend categories while improving supply chain efficiencies.

Join leading Food & Beverage Manufacturers such as Godiva Chocolatier, King & Prince Seafood, Massimo Zanetti Beverage, and Tasty Baking Company in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Health Insurance Companies

Confronted with less overhead, health insurance companies are noticing significant value from reducing operating costs and optimizing resources through strategic sourcing. The health insurance industry is undergoing drastic changes and operating competitively to provide exceptional but affordablecare policies while maintaining market share. Corcentric provides strategic sourcing services on the health insurance industry’s unique spend, such as GRC, claims recovery services, translation services, and more.

Join leading Health Insurance companies such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana, and Wellpoint in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Healthcare, Hospitals & Life Sciences

With probable diminishing revenues due to healthcare reform, healthcare institutions are looking for ways to ensure their communities still receive quality care. Corcentric, with significant experience working with GPOs in healthcare strategic sourcing, can help maximize the value healthcare institutions receive by reducing costs and leveraging the latest procurement technologies without your organization taking on the risks of payroll and resources.

Join leading Healthcare, Hospitals & Life Sciences companies such as Advocate Health and Hospitals, Rush University Medical Center, Charles River Laboratories, and Universal Health Services in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Insurance Companies and Providers

Insurance companies have certain goals for optimizing resources and reducing costs. Increasing risks, disparate operational systems, and regulatory requirements have put pressure on insurers’ bottom lines. By dedicating proper time and effort, Corcentric’s team of strategic sourcing experts has helped numerous insurance companies implement strategic cost reduction efforts and has negotiated hundreds of favorable supplier contracts that improve product quality and service levels.

Join leading Insurance Companies and Providers such as Chubb in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Manufacturing Companies

In today’s interlinked and interdependent world market, manufacturers face a growing list of challenges in order to remain competitive. To be successful, manufacturing operations must find a balance that addresses production and administrative needs. Corcentric professionals have worked with some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies to help optimize spending; locate reliable sources for raw materials, products, and components; and develop ways to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Join leading Manufacturing companies such as Curtiss-Wright, Nvidia, Toshiba America, and Worthington Industries in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers must find ways to reduce costs of goods sold, due to new low-cost competitors. Organizational spend visibility and supply base optimization is critical to reduce costs, but doing so requires additional strain on manufacturer procurement and sourcing groups. Corcentric can help reduce spend and increase savings through strategic sourcing, and provide solutions to drive innovation.

Join leading Medical Device Manufacturers such as Bracco Diagnostics, Cantel Medical, and Carl Zeiss Meditec in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Mining and Natural Resources

A volatile international market, environment, and technology-driven changes in product demand, and increasing regulations drive the need for cost reduction in the mining and natural resources industry. Keeping overhead and operational costs low and predictable can help mining operations remain profitable and equipped for future market disturbances. Corcentric can reduce direct and indirect spend, improve efficiency, and still meet specific product requirements.

Join leading Mining and Natural Resources companies such as Innophos and Minerals Technologies in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Facing national and organizational obstacles, pharmaceutical companies need effective strategic sourcing solutions that create valuable supplier relationships and sustainable cost savings while driving innovative product development in a fierce worldwide market. Strategic sourcing offers pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to evaluate the current state of their purchasing practices and use Corcentric’s resources to supplement internal teams in order to achieve direct and indirect spend savings.

Join leading Pharmaceutical companies such as Otsuka, Salix, Shire, and Teva Pharmaceuticals in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Real Estate and Brokerage

Real Estate agencies, property brokerage, and property management firms are challenged when managing spend due to their decentralized structure.  Difficulty reducing operating costs and gaining tighter control of the procurement process places a toll on procurement managers. Real Estate brokerages and property management firms using Corcentric’s subject-matter expertise are improving their efficiency and driving hard dollar savings to their bottom line.

Join leading Real Estate and Brokerage companies such as Ingerman and Realogy Services Group in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Restaurants, Hotels & Hospitality

Hospitality purchasing departments must reduce costs while supporting daily operations to ensure a high level of guest satisfaction. Implementing a strategic sourcing initiative for supplies and equipment into a hotel or restaurant’s purchasing process allows purchasing managers budget growth and strategic relationships with suppliers. By utilizing Corcentric’s expert sourcing team, hotels and restaurants are better able to reduce costs and optimize supplier relationships without excessive restructuring and personnel reduction.

Join leading Restaurant, Hotels & Hospitality companies in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Retailers and Wholesale Companies

In the highly aggressive retail industry, pressure constantly mounts for retailers and wholesalers to grow while increasing margins. Corcentric assists retailers and wholesalers in increasing profitability and maintaining demand by delivering added resources, value, time, tools and market intelligence to the sourcing process.Corcentric’s strategic sourcing best practices help retailers align with sourcing goals and objectives that are necessary to growing market share.

Join leading Retailers and Wholesale companies such as Danbury Mint, DKNY, Kroger, and Movado Group in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.

Utilities and Energy Companies

Under pressure to maintain the country’s infrastructure, private and public utility and energy companies must operate like competing businesses: ensuring low costs and high quality of service. Utility providers have found that strategic sourcing has helped improve relationships with suppliers, stabilize supply chains, and reduce costs without losing quality. With Corcentric, utility companies can ensure their supply chain reliability and achieve significant savings in a number of spend categories.

Join leading Utilities and Energy companies such as Amerigas, Ecolab, Exelon, and Nexans in achieving sustainable cost savings and procurement excellence.


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