Utilities and Energy Companies

Utility companies are under an enormous amount of pressure to reliably maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

For electric, water, natural gas, phone or cable utility companies – the responsibility is immense and especially daunting in the face of a down economy and natural disasters. These utility companies must also look towards the future and find new ways of keeping their systems secure from cyber threats, protecting the environment, and updating ageing equipment.

In order to keep their systems reliable and online, both private and public utility and energy companies must operate like competitive businesses: keeping costs low and quality of service high. Many utility providers have found that strategic sourcing has helped them to improve relationships with their suppliers, stabilize their supply chains and reduce costs without losing quality.

However, utility companies often do not have the resources to expertly manage every spend category on their own. Corcentric can help supplement your company’s internal sourcing department by providing expert resources with proprietary market intelligence, negotiation assistance, and process improvements.

Utility companies can ensure their supply chain is reliable and achieve significant savings in a number of spend categories, direct and indirect.

Corcentric has subject-matter expertise in hundreds of spend categories that utility companies buy, including:

Whether your utility or energy company has specific spend categories in mind, or needs a ground-up approach that helps to identify target opportunities,
we can help you to optimize your Procurement Supply Chain.