Corcentric for your Business Needs

Reduce costs…increase margins…improve customer relationships…promote growth. Achieving these goals depends on transforming costly and inefficient business processes. Corcentric helps unlock these hidden values in your organization.

Improve Cash Flow

Get full visibility into every invoice, from PO to payment, to see exactly how much money is flowing in and out of your business at any given time.

Spend Smarter

Use the aggregated buying power of Corcentric’s 1,400+ customers and leverage our technology to achieve significant savings and greater insight into your company’s spend.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and gain visibility by replacing error-prone manual and paper-based processes with Corcentric’s automated solutions.

Improve Supplier Relationships

Eliminate disputes and late payments with Corcentric’s accounts payable automation solution. Give your suppliers real-time visibility into invoice and payment status.

Improve Working Capital

Gain insight into your actual assets and liabilities with real-time visibility. Now you can better manage working capital and make smarter decisions to foster growth.

Manage Fleet Spend Better

Optimize your fleet’s total cost of operation, utilization, and purchasing decisions with a plan that’s customized for your specific fleet needs.


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