The State of ePayables 2018: The Future of AP is Now by Ardent Partners

While leading AP departments have begun to recognize the transformative benefits of new technologies and strategies infiltrating the AP industry, the average AP unit still struggles with the basics. But regardless of where your organization is on its AP journey, it’s important to focus on the future of AP, and the future of AP is now.

Ardent Partners’ new white paper, “The State of ePayables 2018: The Future of AP is Now”, presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view of what is happening in the world of accounts payable today, by drawing on the experience, performance and perspective of AP and finance executives.

According to the report, 24% of the average AP staff’s time is spent working directly with suppliers to fix invoice, processing and payment errors. Meanwhile, ‘Best-in-Class’ AP departments that have leveraged technology and other innovative strategies are experiencing:

  • A five times lower cost to process an invoice
  • A 5 times faster time to process a single invoice
  • A 50% lower invoice exception rate
  • A 4 times higher rate of straight-through-processing

Step away from the past, and start planning now for an intelligent and digital future in AP. Get free access to the white paper today!