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Eco-Friendly Solutions Through Strategic Sourcing

Corcentric’s sustainability consultants provide green solutions for companies looking to reduce their costs and environmental impact.

With new government regulations and a worldwide push for environmental consciousness, responsible businesses face more pressure than ever to develop sustainable procurement policies and strategic sourcing practices. Whether you’re looking to embrace renewable energy, reduce waste, or improve your facilities’ life cycles, Corcentric’s cost reduction experts can help implement affordable, green initiatives throughout your supply chain.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Experts Help Clients Go Green By:

A True Win-Win

While leading organizations consider sustainability a priority, they’re often discouraged by the misconception that “going green” means higher costs. At Corcentric, we know that cost reduction and environmental consciousness can, in fact, coexist. Our team of sustainability consultants works to help our clients achieve the greatest value for their budgets while meeting or exceeding their corporate social responsibility goals. We leverage our unparalleled market insight to educate our clients on the realities of sustainable sourcing and the wealth of cost-effective, socially conscious options available. With our help throughout the research and contract negotiation processes, clients in a range of industries, including consumer goods, manufacturing, and utilities have implemented and green sourcing practices that served our environment while boosting their savings and efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Savings

Throughout our long history, companies have engaged our strategic sourcing experts to achieve a number of sustainability goals. In many cases, companies are looking for suppliers that share their mission in delivering products backed by responsible supply chain practices. Others are simply looking to reduce costs and are thrilled when the option is also environmentally friendly. In all cases, our strategic sourcing team aims to provide the decision support necessary for implementing the green option. Aligning your specific sustainability goals to each suppliers’ scope of work, we’ll develop and track sustainability metrics specific to your organization. Together, we’ll reach affordable and eco-friendly procurement solutions.

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Green Sourcing Solutions for Indirect Spend

Sourcing Green Utilities

Utilities dominate the environmental discussion and can prove an especially volatile spend area. Is your organization efficiently managing its gas and electricity providers? Have you considered making the change to a cleaner energy source? Our experts can assess and improve your utilities spend while implementing tools and best practices to produce savings. We’ll also work to identify Green Energy suppliers who’ll provide services that benefit your organization as well as our planet.

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Efficient Freight and Logistics Procurement

Corcentric boasts the category expertise to help optimize both the cost and environmental impact of your domestic and international transportation activities. By studying market conditions, supplier capabilities, and shipment risks, we’ll develop a strategy that will meet industry best practices and sustainability goals.

Eco-Friendly Fleet Management

Whether you own or lease your fleet, this spend category presents a number of challenges. Corcentric’s fleet sourcing experts know that no two company’s needs are alike. We’ll leverage our decades of experience to deliver a budget optimization solution that takes into account both the most cost-effective and most sustainable solutions.

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Procuring Sustainable Packaging

A product’s packaging effects its transportation, storage and handling. All of these processes can also greatly influence your company’s environmental impact. Corcentric’s sustainability consultants understand the broad implications of packaging purchases for your organization and our world. We possess the experience and expertise necessary to locate best-fit packaging suppliers that’ll meet your specifications while reducing waste and meeting corporate sustainability goals.

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