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Help Desk Services

A Procurement and
Sourcing arsenal, on call

Gain access to Corcentric’s full menu of
Procurement and Sourcing resources through
our Help Desk service model

Procurement is evolving and you may not have everything you need in-house. Depending on your industry or the
size of your organization, it may not even make sense to maintain in-house Procurement resources for certain
projects or areas of spend.

A unique approach to Managed Services, Corcentric’s Help Desk ensures you have access to the right Procurement
and Sourcing team, with the right spend and supply management experience. Your organization can access Help
Desk resources when you need them, as you need them — regardless of the initiative you’re tackling.



Optimize every purchase in
any category of spend – even “off-limits” categories – with help from the Category Management and cost reduction specialists.



Managing an effective
source-to-pay cycle is no
small task. The Corcentric
Help Desk provides both advisory and technological support at every stage.


Procurement Transformation

How does your organization perceive Procurement?
How does Procurement
engage the rest of the
business? Help Desk resources will elevate the function.

Indirect + Direct Procurement

Corcentric has the insights, expertise, and hands-on experience to drive sustainable cost savings in countless categories of direct and indirect spend.

Supplier Identification

Moving into a new industry or category? Ending a relationship with a long-time incumbent supplier? Heading back out into the supply base can be challenging. Trust the Corcentric Help Desk to find suppliers capable of supporting your organization’s
goals and driving innovation.

Vendor Management

Your relationships with your partners across the supply chain come down to far more than signatures on the dotted line. Leverage the Corcentric Help Desk for hands-on vendor management services to ensure long-term mutual benefit.

EDI for Electronic Invoicing your way

Procurement Metrics
Tracking + Reporting

Procurement will never get the recognition it deserves unless it can compellingly speak to its success. Corcentric can ensure your organization is tracking metrics that matter and reporting on them effectively.

Digital Procurement Support

Empower Procurement to reach its full potential,
better serve the business, and enter a new digital
era. Corcentric supports Procurement’s evolution with
a suite of cutting-edge solutions. Gain on-demand access through the Help Desk service model.

Learn all the Benefits
of Help Desk Services

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Corcentric is trusted by leading organizations to optimize their Procurement resources

Boost your internal resources,
fill capability gaps, and elevate
the role of Procurement

Learn how Corcentric’s Help Desk service model can provide both short and long-term support for Procurement and the entire organization.

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